How to Bet on Wrestling

The most famous form of wrestling is the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment), which is staged matches. However, as the event organisers are tight-lipped, the general public doesn’t know the outcome of these matches. Other forms of tournaments also exist, like the New-Japan Pro Wrestling World League (NJPW). Check out How to Bet on Wrestling using our detailed Wrestling betting guide.

A Brief Look at Wrestling Odds

As WWE matches are scripts, you’ll often find the odds less risky. That’s not to say there’s no risk, but bookmakers want to protect themselves in case someone leaks the match result. Otherwise, the odds work the same as most others, with the favourites to win having lower payouts and the underdog having higher ones. 

However, as it isn’t as popular as football or tennis, you might find it listed under speciality sports instead of having a separate section.

The Most Popular Types of Wrestling Bets

When you look into how to bet on wrestling, you must consider the bet types available. Luckily, our wrestling betting guide looks at the most popular betting markets.

A straight bet is the most popular and sometimes the only bet type available on the site. This wager is when you choose which wrestler will win. It’s straightforward and perfect for beginners. You can also wager a tournament winner or even a season winner.

Wrestling Outrights And Prop Bets

Outright bets and prop bets are other types of wagers you can place. These involve bets like First-time Winner, where you bet on a wrestler who wins for the first time, and First to Appear, where you bet on who arrives in the ring first.

There are more wagers, like Longest Ring Time, where you place a stake on the wrestler you think will outlast the longest ring time. Bout outcome lets you bet on how the match will end and what events will happen instead of who’ll win. Examples of bout outcomes are betting on an elimination win or a clean finish.

Live Streaming And In-Play Betting On Wrestling

What’s better than betting on your favourite event? Watching a live stream of it while betting! In-play betting is a popular form of wagering, as you experience the thrill of wagering in person, but online.

However, not all sites offer live streams on wrestling, as it’s not as popular globally as football or basketball. Live betting and streaming will only be available on famous matches and events, like the WWE, NJPW, and Combat Zone Wrestling (CZW).

How to Bet On Wrestling: Step-by-Step

We look into how to bet on wrestling and provide a step-by-step guide to make it easy for you to get started.

  1. Decide on a Reliable Sportsbook: We review many sportsbooks to find the ones that deliver quality services and the best odds.
  2. Register at the Casino: Create your account to start making sports bets. All you have to do is click the sign-up button and add your personal details.
  3. Deposit to Fund Your Account: You must place real money bets, so the next step is to deposit using the cashier and your chosen payment method.

Look at the betting markets: See what odds and matches the casino offers, and place your bet on your chosen wrestler or fight.

Wrestling Betting Strategies And Great Tips

  • Below, we look at some crucial tips to consider when forming your strategy as you learn how to bet on wrestling.
  • Do Your Research: You must consider the factors influencing the match’s outcome. For scripted WWE matches, consider how this wrestler did in the past and what might be next in his script. For other tournaments, look into the wrestler’s skills.
  • Catch up on Storylines: With WWE, a storyline is the wrestler’s story. Consider what might give watchers the most entertainment value. With other events, consider the wrestler’s tale till now, their performance in matches, and any history of injuries that might affect their chances.
  • Bet Smart: When you bet smart, consider various factors, like your bankroll, expert predictions, how the sport works, etc. You must know the fight’s rules and bet within your bankroll to ensure you don’t lose more than you can afford.

Things to Avoid When Betting On Wrestling

As there are tips to consider when you bet, there are also things you must avoid when you learn how to bet on wrestling. We list three vital factors to avoid while betting.

  • Don’t believe that the experienced wrestler will always win, as young blood might give the other increased stamina and strength.
  • Don’t do the same type of research for all events, as WWE research must be about the wrestler’s script, while other wrestling matches are about the skill.
  • Never chase your losses, because a losing streak is a surefire way to get you bankrupt and start a gambling problem.


The easiest bet to make, understand, and win is the straight bet, which means you bet on which wrestler will win the match. It’s available with all sportsbooks offering wrestling betting and has clear odds. These odds allow you to identify the favourite and underdog.

Sometimes, the sportsbooks will set lower bet limits, especially if it’s WWE, but it’s not always the case. The betting limits depend on the sportsbook and the event you’re betting on, as NJPW will usually have higher limits than WWE.

No, since it’s not as popular as other sports, it’s not always available at all sportsbooks. However, if it’s available for bettors to wager on, you’ll find it under the “All Sports” section or the “Special Sports” on the website.

No, you never have to bet significant money if you don’t want to. We recommend you start small to familiarise yourself with the bets, odds, and how the sport works. How much you bet is always up to you.

WWE, despite being a script, remains one of the most popular wrestling events to bet on. While several others are also popular, like CZW and NJPW, WWE is still the one most frequently found on sports sites and one of the first names considered with this sport.