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Bet9ja Review: In-depth Analysis + Pros + Cons + How to Play


We know it, you are looking for the most complete Bet9ja review of 2023 that shows you all about it – including the pros and cons – and also how to play it like a pro.

Well, you’ve just arrived to the right place!

Let’s finish the intro and let’s begin with the fun part!

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A General Overview on Bet9ja: Everything We’ll Review – Summarize


If you are in a rush, this will be perfect for you. We will review the following factors:

  1. Company background and history
  2. Odds
  3. Coverage of Markets
  4. Withdrawal and payouts
  5. In-play and live streaming
  6. Bonuses
  7. Customer Support
  8. Website and mobile app

In short, everything you need to decide if it is a company you would like to bet at.

The Pros v The Cons of Bet9ja:


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Putting It All Together:


Balancing the pros and the cons, you can get a fair idea of what this platform can offer you.

It pays pretty decent odds, covers an outstanding variety of markets, thus opening you the doors to amazing betting opportunities, it offers you a juicy welcome bonus and you can also use their online casino and virtual games.

It has areas to improve, for sure, but all in all, it is one of the most solid brands in the country, and therefore, we can recommend it to you.

However, if you want to know more about it, worry not, because the analysis below will bring you all the answers you are looking for.

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Background and History of Bet9ja:

Kunle Soname – a renowned and famous businessman and politician – founded it in 2013, as the ultimate realization of his love for sports and plans for business. Where money and passion meet.

That is how Bet9ja was brought to life, and since then, it has managed to become one of the leading betting operators in Nigeria.

It is fully legal and licensed to operate in Nigeria, therefore, your money is in safe hands. It is strictly regulated, and therefore, you get all the guarantees.

Reviewing the Odds – Do They Bring You a Fair Offer?



When choosing a betting website, you need to ensure that they pay you fair odds, in the worst case, they must fall within the average of the market.

That is how your betting sessions will make sense.

Bet9Ja pays you fairly well, even in competitive leagues and events. In fact, it is amongst the highest-paying betting operators in Nigeria, beating many times competitors like Merrybet.

Therefore, when it comes to odds, it scores very high. Congrats!

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The Markets – Do They Offer You an Extensive Selection?



Bet9ja was one of the first companies in Nigeria to take down the barriers that confined bettors to only a handful of games, events and leagues. It opened an entire universe of new and profitable opportunities.

Since their launch, they cover a majestic variety of markets, including popular sports and lesser-known ones, including a vast selection of events, games and leagues.

For example, covers practically all soccer leagues in Europe, Asia, South America, North America, Africa and Australia. It allows you to get an edge, because you can bet in lesser-known leagues that offer you huge and profitable opportunities.

Overall, it scores a solid 10 out of 10, because it simply rocks in this aspect.

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Withdrawals and Payouts – How Well Does It Score When It Comes to Cashing Out Your Winnings?


Score: 7/10

You need to work with a sportsbook that will cash out your winnings in a timely manner, and preferably, without fees, or at least, make them minimal.

Does Bet9ja get a good score in this department?

They score fairly well, because even though you can only withdraw through a bank transfer, it takes just a little time, maximum 24 hours to reflect in your account.

What about the fees?

You will be happy to know that there are no fees. The bank transfer is completely free, hence saving you a lot when you cash out big sums of money.

The minimum you can withdraw is 5,000 Naira and the maximum is 9,999,999 Naira. Pretty decent limits in our book, and therefore, it gets a good score.

Only thing they should improve is the variety of withdrawal methods like other competitors in the medium. If they do that, they will become an even better options for Nigerian bettors.

In-play and Live Streaming – Is It Good in Real Time?


Score: 6.5/10

This is an area that needs plenty of work, because as of now, their live streaming is very limited to just some matches and events, something that will negatively affect your in-play bets.

Sure, you can watch the games elsewhere, but it is much better to watch it in the same platform, to place your bets right on time.

Other than that, the live streaming service is pretty solid in terms of quality, because they transmit almost in real time with little to no bugs at all, which means that you can watch your games without interruptions (most of the time).

Overall, this is an area that they need to improve, because it’d bring them an edge over other companies, because this is a recurrent problem in the sports betting industry in Nigeria.

In regards to live betting, it is pretty good, because there are so many events and games at your disposal, thanks to the massive market coverage.

This is a huge advantage, because you can find excellent opportunities without leaving the platform, especially if you like to bet on different leagues and sports.


The Bet9ja Bonuses – Do You Get a Good Value for Your Money?


Score: 6/10

They have a generous welcome bonus of 100% up to 100,000 Naira, which is quite good, because it will help you to increase your bankroll.

However… we haven’t rated it any higher because in order to claim your winnings, you will have to complete the requirements of the bonus:

  • You must wager the bonus at least 10 times on any sports
  • They will only consider bets with odds of 3.00 or higher.

Once you read that, the bonus becomes a lot less attractive, because those are staggering requirements that will prevent you from betting the right way, because you will have a lot of pressure on yourself.

If you cannot handle it, we recommend you to avoid claiming the bonus, because it will put you in a very complicate situation, especially if you are a beginner.

They should definitively reduce their requirements, because an x6 rollover and 1.5 odds are more than fair, and in fact, they are the standard for many betting websites.

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Bet9ja Customer Support Review– Will They Be There For You?

Score: 9/10

They are one of the most solid when it comes to customer support, because they have a team of trained professionals who are ready to answer all of your questions in record time.

They offer you the following support channels:

  • Email
  • Phone
  • Twitter
  • Live Chat

Their live chat support service is very efficient, because they answer most of your questions and solve your issues in a timely manner, which is exactly what you need to get from it.

Therefore, it scores very high in our book. If they added a proper Knowledge Base, we would give it a 10 out of 10, because customers also need a self-service portal that answers most of their questions and doubts.

Bet9ja Website Review + Mobile App – Will You Get a Good User Experience?


Score: 9/10

Both the website and the mobile app are very easy to use, because they are very intuitive and user-friendly, so much that even the less technical users will be able to operate it with ease.

The website loads very fast and has little to no bugs, which means that your betting experience will not be interrupted. At least the vast majority of time, which is very important, especially when betting in real time.

Overall, they have done an excellent job with their website and mobile app, and as they frequently release updates and work on it, you will have the best User Experience. Guaranteed.

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Bottom Line:

As you can see, it is one of the strongest operators in Nigeria, and it is due to its great benefits.

Yes, it is true that they need to work in some areas, but generally speaking, they are an excellent choice, especially because of their high odds, amazing customer support, superb coverage of markets and great User Experience.

Now that you know everything it can offer you, what are you waiting for?

Sign up today and start betting!


Frequently Asked Questions about Bet9ja


Yes bet9ja is legit. It is the most popular betting website in Nigeria. Sports fans can bet on a wide sport event such as football betting, horce race betting and much mote.


The maximum payout for Bet9Ja on any given day will not exceed NGN 10,000,000,000


Bet9ja is also available in Nigeria.


Bet9ja co-founders are Kunle Soname and Ayo Ojuroye. Bet9ja CEO is Ayo Ojuroye and Kunle Soname is the company’s chairman. Kunle Soname is the first Nigerian to own a top European football club – Clube Desportivo Feirense, Soname purchased more than 70 percent of the Portuguese football club. Kunle Soname is also the Chairman of Remo Stars FC, a Football Club in the Nigerian National League.


You can withdraw your money through bank transfer. Note there is a fee of 1.5 % for withdrawal via bank transfer. If your transaction is authorized then your bank account will be credited within 24 hours.


Bet9ja has a very exciting commission structure for its agents and partners. As an agent, you will be paid for every bet that is placed through your betting shop. The commission an agent will be paid ranges from two (2) percent to twenty (20) percent of the gross profit.


There are a lot of betting companies in Nigeria. We have a full review and ranking of the best betting sites in Nigeria on BettingSites24.


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Bet9ja Review: In-depth Analysis + Pros + Cons + How to Play We know it, you are looking for the most complete Bet9ja review of 2023 that shows you all about it – including the pros and cons – and also how to play it like a pro. Well, you’ve just arrived to the right...


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