How to Bet on Boxing

Boxing is a top spectator sport, but you can do more than watch ringside or from your seat at home. When you bet on boxing, you can engage in the anticipation and excitement of the fight. If you’re smart with your bets and do your research when it comes to the fighters, then you could have a lot of fun. 

Our step-by-step guide covers everything you need to know about how to bet on boxing. We cover the odds and bet types and provide you with some expert tips to set you up for wagering on an upcoming boxing match.

A Brief Look at Boxing Odds

Boxing odds are pretty straightforward. The main bet type is the 1X2. You’ll see the odds on the first contender, the odds for a draw, and the third set for the second contender. Typically, the favourite will be listed first, so you’ll see odds like 1.25 or lower if they’re a strong favourite.

You can see which fighter is the underdog, as they’ll have longer odds. A draw isn’t that common in boxing, so this outcome usually has the longest odds. The odds also tell you what your return will be. For example, if you bet ₦1,000 on Anthony Joshua at 1.11, you can expect a return of ₦1,110, including your stake.

The Most Popular Types of Boxing Bets

Boxing markets aren’t as varied as some sports, but you still need to know the different options to understand how to bet on boxing. In our list below, we’ve described the most popular types that you can find for most bouts.

  • 1×2 – you’re predicting which fighter will win or if the bout will end in a draw.
  • Method of victory – you bet on whether the win will come from a knockout, technical knockout, disqualification, or points.
  • Double chance – this bet includes the fighter to win and the method of victory. You need to get both right to win.
  • Number of rounds – you might be able to wager on the precise number of rounds or choose an over/under bet.
  • Going the distance – you predict whether the fight will go the full 12 rounds

Boxing Outrights and Prop Bets

Outright betting on boxing is similar to a 1×2 bet. These odds are posted in advance, though, so you won’t have as much information about the fighters, their weight and form. 

Most of the popular boxing wagers are prop bets. You can put your money on whether there’ll be a knockout, if the fight goes the distance, or if a knockdown will occur. They don’t connect with which fighter will win, they just need to happen during the match.

Live Streaming And In-Play Betting on Boxing

Once the opening bell has rung, you’ll find other boxing bets available. Head to the in-play section of an online bookie’s site and you’ll see the in-round bets. They reflect what’s happening in the bout.

For example, you’ll get updated odds on the winner based on the current points. Most sports betting sites have bets predicting whether the fight will finish in the next round. It’s a fast-paced way to bet on the sport with some potential for good value wagers.

How To Bet On Boxing: Step by Step

Ready to step into the ring? Follow our guide on how to bet on boxing.

  1. Create an online sports betting account or sign in to your existing one.
  2. Head to the boxing section of the site.
  3. Browse the upcoming matches or in-play bouts.
  4. Find the wager and the odds you want, then click it to add it to your bet slip
  5. Enter your stake and check your expected return.
  6. Confirm the bet or add some more selections if you like.

Boxing Betting Strategies And Great Tips

If you’re interested in exploring wagering on a major bout, take some tips from our boxing betting guide.

  1. Know what to look for in a fighter – no outcome is sure, but you can do your research. Boxers with a longer reach and a string of wins behind them are usually the better prospects.
  2. Don’t just rely on form – take style into account! Some boxers do better against aggressive opponents, so find out what kind of matchup it’ll be.
  3. Don’t assume that fewer variables mean a sure thing – boxing betting is popular as there’s less to take into account than in team sports. However, there can still be some upsets, so prepare to lose sometimes.

Things to Avoid When Betting On Boxing

Avoid outrights if you can. When you wager just before the match, you can use details from the training camps and the preparation before the fight to get some much-needed information. If you bet well in advance of a bout, it’s harder to have any logic behind your predictions.


There’s no magic answer to betting and winning in boxing. However, if you want to keep it simple, you can start by predicting the match winner. Begin by researching the fighters and then check the odds before making your pick.

It depends on the bookmaker. Most sites post outrights once a card for a fight has been announced. You’ll often find updated odds with more markets in the days leading up to the match. Once the bout starts, you’ll then see the in-play odds.

Yes, most bookies with in-play betting accept bets right up until the final bell. However, the options and the odds will change based on how the match is progressing. When a fight progresses to the final round, you’re not likely to find as many bets.

It depends. Some prop bets are based completely on chance, such as who will throw the first punch. If you’re ok with that, go ahead. If you prefer to base your bets on research, there are some prop bets where you can use your knowledge to make an educated guess.

Yes, if you choose a licensed bookmaker and bet responsibly, it’s safe to bet on boxing. Make sure that you only bet what you can afford to lose, as there’s no guarantee that your prediction will result in a win.