How to Bet on MMA: Guide

Betting on MMA is simplified thanks to the availability of various sportsbooks with MMA betting options. Punters can bet on local and international MMA events from any location using credible and licensed sports betting platforms. Most sports betting sites will have a straightforward process on how one can wager on their platform.

They provide punters with various MMA events ranging from local tournaments to international ones, wagering on various MMA betting markets. However, for novice players, the process still needs to be clarified. In this detailed MMA betting guide, we take you through the betting process for MMA events.

Step 1: Picking the Best MMA Sports Betting Platform

When wagering, you must ensure the sports betting platform is credible and licensed by the relevant gambling regulatory bodies. Sportsbooks in Nigeria are licensed and regulated by federal and state gambling bodies. You can confirm whether the operator is licensed by checking their license number.

Some sportsbooks have international gambling licenses from other gambling regulatory bodies like Curaçao Gaming Control Board and the UK Gambling Commission. Once you have identified your preferred sportsbook and confirmed its licensing status, you can proceed and move to the second step of how to bet on MMA.

Step 2: Opening an Account with Your Preferred MMA Betting Platform

The sportsbook in Nigeria, which offers MMA betting, has an age limit of 18 years for all players. Of course, you will be required to confirm your age during the registration process. The registration process of most MMA betting platforms is straightforward and takes a few minutes. You can sign up from the official website of the sportsbook using your computer. The other option is downloading the sportsbook’s dedicated mobile app and using it to register.

Nigerian punters opening an account with a sportsbook will need to provide the following information:

  • Full name
  • Registered phone number
  • User name
  • Account password
  • Active email address
  • Date of birth

The information ensures players only open one account and meet the required legal age. Additionally, players must provide additional information depending on the payment option. Sportsbooks have different processes for confirming the registration process of new players. They can send a verification code via SMS or a link via email. Players must use the link or code to confirm their registration and have an active account.

Step 3: Funding Your Player’s Account

Once a Nigerian punter has opened an account with their favorite sportsbook, they must fund their accounts. Sportsbooks don’t allow free wagering. Sportsbook offers various bonuses to new players once they have registered successfully. If your preferred MMA betting platform has a deposit bonus, you can only access the bonus after depositing funds into your account.

The welcome bonuses come with various wagering and eligibility requirements, potentially increasing the player’s bankroll. Once the sportsbook has confirmed your registration request, your next step is funding your account.

Nigerian sportsbooks provide players with various payment methods for depositing funds. The most popular methods available for Nigerian MMA betting fanatics include the following:

  • Debit Cards (Naira MasterCard, Visa, Interswitch, and Verve).
  • Direct Bank Deposit
  • Payment through a sportsbook Agent
  • Pay at the Automated Teller Machine (ATM)
  • Online bank transfers
  • Online payment services (Paycom)
  • Mobile money

Most sportsbooks use the local Nigerian currency (Naira) as the primary currency for players when making payments. Players are encouraged to use the same payment method when depositing or cashing out funds. Additionally, most of the payment methods provided by Nigerian sportsbooks don’t charge any fees when depositing funds.

Most deposits are instant. However, players can only use a payment service they have registered on, apart from registering on the sportsbook.

Depending on the player’s selected payment method, the player will be subjected to a specific deposit limit. The sportsbooks set the minimum and maximum deposit limits. Sometimes a universal limit can be set for all payment methods. Every payment method has specific T&Cs which players need to understand. The sportsbook’s customer support will provide additional information on the payment methods for punters who still need to learn about the ideal payment method.

Step 4: Picking the MMA Event

Sportsbook covers various MMA events both locally and internationally. MMA punters can pick an MMA sporting event based on their preferred match or favorite player. You can use the search button to look for your preferred MMA sporting event and get all the details regarding the match before heading to the betting markets. Most sportsbooks will provide fixtures, statistics and insights about the upcoming and ongoing MMA matches.

Novice MMA punters should learn about MMA sporting events. Experienced MMA punters understand the game’s rules and thus can make more informed bets based on the game’s outcomes. The rules are essential, especially when wagering on various MMA competitions.

Step 5: Placing the Bet

Once you have picked your ideal MMA event, you should look at the various MMA betting markets. Most sportsbooks will have the following MMA betting markets.

  • Fight result
  • Method of Victory/ Fight Outcome
  • Round betting
  • Total Rounds
  • Fight to go a distance

Players are encouraged only to pick betting markets they are well versed with. The simplest bet is the win fight betting market, which predicts which player will win the MMA fight. Additionally, they aren’t limited to the number of betting markets they can opt for. The amount one wagers on in a betting market determines the potential win. Sportsbooks with the highest odds allow players to make huge wins from their bets.

Every betting market has specific wagering requirements which play a crucial role in determining the potential of a bet winning. Understanding the wagering requirements in detail will help pick the ideal betting market. Novice players can opt to copy bets placed by more experienced punters and start with wagering small amounts. Once you have selected your betting market and set your bet, the final step is waiting for the outcome of the MMA event. The outcome will determine whether you have won the bet or not.


Nigeria MMA fanatics are legally allowed to bet on their favorite MMA matches and fighters. They have to meet the legal age of engaging in sports betting to access MMA betting platforms. The legal age of wagering on MMA in Nigeria is 18 years.

There are several betting markets available for MMA betting, however not every bet is suitable for novice MMA punters. MMA betting newbies should start wagering on the mixed martial arts matches using the fight result bet, which predicts which fighter will win the fight.

Sportsbooks offer various bonuses for new and existing players. The bonuses have various wagering and eligibility requirements. There are some sports wagering platforms which offer bonuses which are MMA specific, thus increasing the bank roll of punters betting on mixed martial arts.

The best MMS sports wagering platforms offer the best and highest odds for mixed martial arts fanatics and bettors. We have compiled a list of the best sports betting websites in Nigeria which have the highest odds for various MMA betting markets.

Most of the MMA betting platforms operating in Nigeria allow punters to make payments using the Naira as the main currency. The payment methods are localized thus players can place bets using the naira on the various mixed martial arts betting markets.