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Top Sports Blogs You Should Be Reading in 2023

Author: Marco Fontana


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What are the best sports blogs out there? That is what this list is all about.

Many people love sports for various reasons that range from sentiments, family, personal to financial reasons. Due to the above-mentioned reasons, several blogs sprang up to satisfy the yearnings of sports lovers (and of course, make some money) by providing daily information that will engage sports lovers. In addition, the Bettingsites24 team also offers other useful information to our readers in addition to classic betting site reviews.

These blogs cover a wide range of topics that will keep their viewers coming back for more. Today, we have chosen to compile the top soccer blogs that you can find out there.

We will talk about blogs that produce quality and premium content in their chosen sports.


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Top Soccer blogs

Football (Soccer) is regarded as the most-followed sport in the world with over 500 million followers, so it is only expected that there are premium sports blogs dedicated to soccer for these enthusiastic followers of soccer. Here are some of the top blogs that churn out quality football content. 

This football blog has been around for a long time. It churns out interesting daily football news. Also, you can get breaking transfers, rumors and other news relating to players and managers. Team news and live scores are also featured as it relates to your team.


This blog provides various information about soccer. They have an archive about goals scored by all major league soccer in the world. However, this blog is not all about goals alone, you can get players stats and injury news. Bettors are also guaranteed betting tips that will show you how to make money via gambling.

Just Arsenal 

Just arsenal is a private blog where the latest news as it relates to the gunners can be gotten. Daily opinions about issues relating to football, particularly Arsenal FC, are shared. This website also has a forum where all arsenal fans can converge to discuss the teams.

Talk Sport 

A very popular football blog, where you can get exclusive interviews from top football stars. March reports, and team form and injury updates can be seen. It has a digital platform where highlights and training sessions can be viewed.  It is moderated by top football experts who give daily news related to football, especially for those interested in the match day bet picks to stake on. Talk Sport runs match commentaries, on all important matches. They also boast of a good interface that makes it easy for viewers to browse through their site.


Apart from The joy that comes with winning games, it is worthy to also know some of the rules which guide this beautiful sport. At Offside, you will get the latest content about football, and how the rules of the game. There are various videos about wrong decisions made by match officials and what the rule says.

Wyscout Blog 

This is a great football that looks at the inner workings of world football and those who make things tick. Most football blogs focus on providing news, information about players, and so on. However, Wyscout looks at the people at the corridors of powers, owner’s scouts, and agents. Some of this information will go a long way to let you understand how world football works. You can sign up with them to get daily news.

Football Fan Cast 

If you need the latest information about the top leagues in the world, then you need to visit this site. There are various sections in the blog which include editor’s forum, clique, and hashtag United. On Football Fan Cast, you and other sports lovers can do meetups before a match (post-COVID). It is really exciting with various banter and arguments.

Football Content Awards 

All players and managers aim to win trophies (aside from making money). On this site, directories on laurels of all tops players, past and present can be gotten. This website follows the players’ and managers’ awards and trophies to the letter. If you want to know who won the golden ball in a particular year, which country the vent took place, the host and runner up, this site is for you. It is more of a football celebrity site because it tends to celebrate sports events and the winners.

Caught Offside 

On this site, you can be assured that the complete information about football will be dished out. Their in-depth analysis of football matches is second to none, no wonder they have been around for so long and have gathered a lot of followers.

Talk Chelsea

Chelsea fans worldwide will be happy that they have a specialized blog that deals with all Chelsea news abroad. Talk Chelsea gives you updated news as it drops. You can know about the team’s training selections; you are also guaranteed breaking information on injuries. This is the number one forum for all Chelsea fans worldwide. This blog is run by avid Blues fans who wish to provide original coverage on all blues reports. You can engage in discussions with other Chelsea fans and banter with other supporters. The owners even arrange meet-up before that trip to Stanford Bridge.

This is Anfield 

This website is primarily dedicated to news related to Liverpool. You will get premium reports and exclusive podcasts and videos about the Reds. They have an app on both Android and IOS platforms. Advertisements for your various products are allowed at affordable prices.

Soccer Lens 

Soccer Lens offers good football news as it breaks globally. This blog has a user-friendly interface where you can view team statistics, team tables, and rumor relating to top football players in Europe. It also provides news on all lower leagues in the top five leagues.


You will need to get to this website or get their latest app to access cutting-edge football forecast. Apart from shooting and live scores and soccer reports, Infogol offers free soccer tips, team statistics, and injuries and gambling analytics.

Barcelona Football Blog 

This platform offers the Blaugrana fans the opportunity to get in-depth and original news relating to Spanish football, particularly Barcelona news as it breaks. The Barcelona Football Blog has all videos and lives interviews of Barcelona and its players. You could also check it in various sections relating to gambling. You can view the site in English and Spanish interface.

 Football Italia blog

Football Italia offers various captivating news as it concerns all Italian soccer news. This blog has both and it can be viewed in both Italian and English languages. You will get the Nezzazuri news and also opinions about what players and coaches can do to make the Italian league great again. Check out the forum section where you can connect with other Italian football lovers like yourself.

Top Tennis Blogs

Tennis is one of the most followed sports on a global scale. Apart from talents like Andy Murray, Venus Williams, Naomi Osaka and Novak Djokovic amongst others who play this sport, it is a beautiful game with a lot of skills. If you are a fan or want to know more about the sport, you can visit any of these tennis sites.

Tenn Grand 

Tenn Grand gives you a personal and close experience about the ATP tour and covers tennis contents which range from reviews, live matches, recaps, videos, and polls. You are allowed to critique opinion piece things that must be approved by the administrator. If you need a blog where updates on tennis rankings and premium tennis news are delivered, this site is a go-to site to satisfy that needs. It offers visitors opinion pieces, reports and latest gossips about tennis stars. Also, current injury news and live scores of court matches can be streamed from the site.

Tennis X 

This tennis blog is operated to give out important independent information about tennis. The X in the name of the blog means extra, so if you need extra reports and news on tennis, this blog is for you. Aside from information dissemination, you could also buy your branded tennis polo and t-shirts. You could also sign up for their daily newsletter to get today’s news delivered to your mail.

Moo Tennis Blog 

Some sites get you engrossed when viewing, due to their captivating stories and content, Moo Tennis is one of them. If you need clear photos and videos of tennis matches, you will get it here. You could also contribute to your tennis experience by sharing your own story in the forum section. However, though, this blog tends to show more about female tennis than males.

Tennis Thread

Tennis thread is the best online UK blog and magazine in tennis. It dishes out concrete information about tennis and how to learn the ropes. In tennis threads, salaries and transfer rumours of various tennis players are featured. Daily update of videos and articles that can guide bettors on how to win big with tennis can be found as well.

Tennis TV

Tennis lovers who prefer classic and original video contents are in for a treat with this blog. This is a top tennis site which provides tournament schedules and tour highlights to get more views. If you need HD quality on recent and past tours, visit Tennis TV.

World Tennis Magazine 

This online blog offers a plethora of news about global tennis news. This blog, apart from giving original tennis news, features weekly issues of magazines at affordable prices. If you need to stay informed about tennis opinions, reports, and reviews. You can go to their archive to see past head to head meetings and how your favourite performs.

10s Balls 

10sballs offers tennis news like never before. It is a highly recommended top tennis site which shows tour live scores and various opinions and experiences from the different columnist. It is run by tennis lovers who have close relationships and live for the game. The blog has a huge library of tennis photos and videos which shows how serious they deliver content.

Teach Yourself Tennis 

The site offers around 150 tips on how to play the game as a player, learner, or bettor. If offers these tutorials in PDF and video formats. You could also learn about various health and fitness tips. It offers a mixture of tennis teaching with exercise lessons that will help you.

Top Basketball Blogs

Basketball is a very popular sport among sports lovers around the world. You can see this by the number of people with basketball jerseys and people at the courts to support their teams and favorite players. To make money in this sport, you will need to visit Canada and the USA, where players earn humongous salaries. With over 900 million fans, various basketball blogs are jostling for views to their site, some of these include;

Hoop Hall 

The blog gives complete information about the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame. You can view basketball archives and recent news about your top basketball players and managers and their various exploits with the basket. It also shares online clinics, basketball training, and shooting competitions.

82 games

Although this online platform user interface looks fuzzy, they greatly compensated with their in-depth knowledge of basketball-related news. Their online commentary about matches will make you come back for more. You can get various team news and injury information from this site. Sharing of your personal opinion on the game by post is also allowed.

Draft Express 

If you need trending news on basketball in North America and Europe, then you should visit Draft Express. They have ample information on all players, teams, and managers. They are a sporting dictionary that gives you a nickname, salaries, and personal history information about the game. For bettors on basketball, you will enjoy their daily tips and advice. You will also be entertained with good videos and podcasts on basketball.


RealGM delivers optimum NBA news to its range of viewers. It was created in 2001 to dish out original NBA news and reports. On these sites, there exist fantasy basketball betting with its various tools and analysis. Payments occur on a secure server. There is a chat room for basketball fans to discuss the latest happenings.

Hoop Hype 

On Hoop Hype, you will get detailed rumours and news concerning the sport. The history of players, teams, and managers can be seen in the archives. On this site, there is a fan zone where basketball lovers can get to know each other.

Inside the Hall 

The website is run by two experienced basketball lovers, who disseminate basketball content. It has a user-friendly platform that shows roasters, statistics, and which current basketball teams are recruiting. They provide lots of information on outstanding talents and mature drafts in the NBA. Every day there are 10-29 engaging articles churned out daily to keep its viewers glued. You will also see photos and ranking systems of international teams and players.

Euro Basket 

This is a very comprehensive blog that shows information related to world news on basketball. You will get news on current and past teams. To get basketball agents, their transactions, and the players they handle, check this site.

Top Golf Blogs

Golf is generally considered to be an elitist and recreational sport. However, the sport does still have quite a good number of following around the world and the players are some of the richest sports players. For instance, Tiger woods was the richest sports player in the world for years. To get premium news about golf and golfers, check out these great blogs.

Golf Digest 

This blog is regarded as an authority when it comes to delivering current and engaging news about golf. You will learn how to play, where to play, what equipment to use, and other necessary information that will assist you in your golf journey. There is also an online shop where you can get golf-related products at affordable prices. Their site is secure for all payments.

Golf Side Kick 

This blog comprises of all the information you need about how to play golf, there are various sections on this site that you can find technical information about golf. On Golf Side Kick, you will find PDF and videos on golf pieces of training. The author of this blog is an ex-professional golf player that hopes to pass all the rudiments he has learned about golf to his viewers. You are allowed to contribute as well.

Hooked on Golf 

To catch live golf games, interviews, and reviews on this site, you have to visit regularly. You will get exclusive content on the game like; travel history, course review, reports, and statistics. If you are a punter on golf, you will love this site. There is a daily dose of bet tips and analysis to help you win. The provision of online TV and radio is also available where golf-related opinions are streamed. Hooked on golf guarantees a comprehensive course directory on virtual tours.

The Grateful Golfer 

The aim of this blog is to bring golfing news closer to its fans. Launched in 2012, it offers creative ideas about the sport for its numerous fans worldwide. It also shares betting tips and views on how to win more money from the bookies.

Irish Golf Desk 

Getting a free platform to share recent and original golf news seems quite challenging. However, on the Irish Golf Desk, there are sections to get the latest content about golf. However, it focuses a lot more on Irish and UK golf tours.


For golf fans in Australia and New Zealand, iSeekGolf should be your next choice. The platform offers detailed coverage of all Oceania golf news. Videos and podcasts can be streamed without much hassle. The blog will improve your understanding of the tenets guiding golf.

The Left Rough 

Everyone could use a lesson or two in golf to Increase their knowledge of the sport. You will learn the essentials about golf and how to take your shot on the golf course. Daily lessons and tips to be a great golfer are uploaders regularly. Videos of how top golfers in the world play their game can be found in the video section.

Practical Golf 

To improve the game and make it more interesting, practical golf was launched to cater for golf fans. The site has over 350 articles and still counting and is one of your best online resources on golf. You will get to see updated profiles of top golfers in the world. Videos and steps on how to do better in golf and make money can be viewed.

Top Horse Race Blogs

Horse racing is a competitive sport that is as old as man itself. Since ancient civilization, man has always used animals for sports and recreation. Horse racing is very popular in Europe, Asia, USA, and Australia. You can race for fun or money. There are several top blogs available, where you can get good information about horse racing.

Horse Racing Nation 

If you are looking for a site that offers the latest news about horse racing in the US, look no further. Horse Racing Nation offers reports, video, and opinions as it concerns the sport. If you need more knowledge about breeders and stallions and which can assure you more money, get a daily dose of this blog.


On Blood Horses, you get information that pertains to horse racing, breeding, and sales of sporting stallions. If you also wage on horses, there is a section where experts give tips on how to succeed with horses. There is also an online magazine that you can subscribe to send you daily email updates.

Daily Racing Form 

This online platform is an online horse retailer that offers original content and new coverage on horse racing in Europe and America. It is a top blog that publishes daily premium content. DRF offers a digital form of content sharing for both horse racers and horses. It is a highly recommended blog for horse retailing concepts.

Horse Racing Radio Network 

For lovers of horses and racing sport, you can get to this site for all live coverage of horse from Travers to Jockey Golf cup. You can also listen to periodic weekly shows. Again, there is a price section on all fine stallions and breeders at cost-effective rates.

The Plaid Horse 

The plaid horse is an online magazine that publishes daily information on horse education and sportsmanship. This digital magazine offers real-time experience on various services at affordable rates. Horse shows and competitions schedule are also displayed.

Lady and the Track 

This news site is a guide to an exclusive world in horses. Content on anything on horse races and sales can be accessed. It is owned by a retired horse racer who wishes to pass her knowledge to interested younger generations. The blog has an easy platform that can be navigated easily.

Geegeez Blog 

At Geegeez, fans will get the best on horse racing statistics and tips. You will get a daily dose of news about breeders and fine stallions. If you desire to buy fine sport horses in the UK, your best stop is Geegeez. They also have a podcast of various past games for you.

America’s Best Racing 

ABR, as this site is popularly called, brings old and new lovers of this sport together. It teaches viewers how to bet on horse races responsibly. It points out what gaps to exploit and loopholes to avoid. It has interesting features that show past and present racer’s history and statistics.


Viewers Interested in services related to horse tracks and breeding in America will like this site. It has a lot of detailed collection of daily original content. You can also get horse racing books and video materials in the shop arena. Accessing past results and entries to make forecasting easy for you can be seen.

Race Net 

If you need book reviews and black books on complete breeds, visit Race Net. You can view profiles of horses, jockeys, and trainers easily. For bettors, a detailed selection of past traces to improve your knowledge before the state is available.

Top Rugby Blogs

For those who enjoy physical games that raise your heart pressure, then you will enjoy rugby. It’s not for the fainthearted. A good number of top blogs daily churn out original content for the fans of this sport.

Rugby Pass 

This online platform is where a huge number of rugby fans globally visit for their latest rugby news and information. Their video collection of all rugby actions and match analysis is a good watch. They also offer online TV for a small fee where premium shows and stories can be streamed.

Wru Blog 

This site is all about rugby in Wales. Welsh fans who wish to follow their local team, this is the opportunity for you to follow your team. Wales is known as a household team and if you want to follow the game in Wales as well as the neighboring countries in the UK and receiving updated information about them, this blog is for you.

Rugby World 

Rugby’s world is a digital blog that provides fixtures, competitions, and tournaments that tells us more about rugby. It also has a weekly magazine that covers all issues pertaining to this sport. You can get a rugby pass magazine at affordable prices as well.


To connect to current team news and injuries about rugby, especially when it pertains to Irish, Scottish and English matches, this site is your best bet. They also offer online sales of tickets and rugby apparel to the public.

The Rugby Paper 

This is England’s best destination for all rugby-related news. You can easily navigate through various sections that include transfers, blindside information, book offers, and subscriptions. Live scores and podcast viewing is also allowed.

Scottish Rugby Blog 

Getting good reports, news, and updated articles on rugby sometimes can be difficult, but with Scottish rugby blog, you can get the best of all teams, especially on Scottish teams.

Green and Gold Rugby 

The home for rugby fanatics is GGR. Especially as it concerns Australia and New Zealand national teams, this blog covers it like no one else. They also have a weekly podcast that is listened to by thousands of rugby fans.

Top Cricket Blogs

Cricket is a very popular sport which was invented as far back as the 15th century. The rivalry between Pakistan and India, Australia and New Zealand, South Africa, and England cannot be easily jettisoned. This sport brings memories like never before and always gets the sitting capacity filled. Various blogs offer good content about cricket.

Cricket World 

At the cricket world, they produce daily unique videos and premium content about everything related to cricket. This site is one of the best in dishing out constant reports about cricket and related sports. It prides itself on giving extensive cricket coverage to millions of fans worldwide.

All Out Cricket 

All Out Cricket is your ever-reliable blog site that offers its viewers the latest information about the beautiful sport. Cricket is a traditional game that offers good opportunities for stakes and betting companies to make money. At this site, you will get the dependable tips that can reassure you to place your wager. Videos show a clear picture of exactly how events turn out. On this site, you will get a plethora of videos about your beloved sport.

Cricket Addictor 

Cricket Addictor serves as a hub for all cricket-related news. This top blog allows passionate cricket lovers to contribute by making daily and opinions about the game of cricket. Millions of viewers troop in daily to get concrete match analysis and reports.

The Full Toss 

If you need an abode where extensive cricket writing and information can be found, then your best bet is The Full Toss. It is basically a cricket blog for like-minded cricket lovers who can also contribute their opinion on team selection, management, and performance. You can also get daily and regularly updated injury news and transfer formation.

Cricket Blog 

This blog is a cricket blog that distinguishes itself from others. Its aim is the provision of cricket coverage as well as reviews on players, teams, and managers. You are allowed to sign in to be a contributor if you are tired of being a guest.

TNF Cricket 

This is a very good blog with a good knowledge of cricket news and ideas which thousands of visitors adore. The site offers the sale of cricket sports gears to passionate fans. Podcasts and videos that are clear and in HD can be streamed without difficulty.

Top Hockey Blogs

For a sport that is very popular in cold regions like Canada, the US, and Eastern European countries, this sport is a joy to watch. It will be a sporting crime for citizens of the above country not to get concrete news about hockey, especially in the ice regions. With over 850 million worldwide fans, various blogs dedicate themselves to feed fans with daily news about the game.

Broad Street Hockey 

This is a blog dedicated to offering original reports about hockey. It is highly regarded in terms of news reported about various issues about the sport. You can also see various sections that deal with team analysis and match reports. To get videos about NHL teams and players is easy as you navigate to their digital platform.

Hockey Buzz 

As the name suggests, Hockey Buzz is all about hockey news and trending information about the sport. On this site, you can see team schedules, rankings, transfers, and injury news. There is also a daily dose of preview for current matches and warm-up highlights for your favorite NHL teams.

Pure Hockey 

On Pure Hockey, you will find a digital platform that offers the latest data on events and tournaments about the game. You will be the first to know about breaking news and the latest updates if you subscribe to their newsletter. The availability of a forum where you can engage in profitable discussions with other hockey fans is a plus for this site. For those interested in shopping for hockey wear and equipment, you can do this at Pure Hockey by paying on their secure server.

Hockey World Blog 

This hockey blog was launched by fans who decided that dishing out current information, rumors, and statistics about hockey is sacrosanct to hockey fans. Aside from the news, you will get to shop and compare prices on hockey wear and equipment of various brands. Daily reviews report, just and match-day analysis is guaranteed.

Bleedin Blue 

If you are a fan of the St Louis Blues, you can rest assured that you will not be disappointed on all the information you need about your favorite hockey team. They offer great editorials, trades, signings, rumors, match analysis, and HD content materials on the St Louis Blues. You can also view their podcast with ease.

Hockey Informative 

On hockey informative, various fans can be guaranteed to get news relating to draft history, players’ information, salaries, forms, and archives. If you also want to know what rankings your favourite team is, these and many more are guaranteed. However, you may be a little disappointed with their video quality, but not to worry, you will be compensated with genuine news.

Top Formula 1 Blogs.

The popularity of formula 1 cannot be disputed. With household names like Thomas Vettel, Schumacher, and Luis Hamilton and popular car brands like Benz, Toyota, and Lexus using this sport to show that their cars are one of the best. The audience that this sport generates is huge, that is why various blogs engage in daily news dissemination about Formula 1.

GP Blog 

At GP, you can rest assured of fast and comprehensive analyses of how races are run daily. You will also get car drivers’ history, earnings, and injury news as it breaks. The blog also has a forum where car sports lovers discuss happenings related to this sport.

Talking About F1 

This blog offers news about crowd attendance and all tournaments reviews. If you want to know the history and latest news about the F1 Grand Prix, then follow this site. They report on autosport and NASCAR related news that will have you glued to your platform.

Lights Out Blog 

This private Formula 1 blog provides recent affairs on car races. You will also get lessons on cars, how to drive, and which sports car is best on a particular terrain. Daily engaging articles worth reading can be found on their digital site.

Race Fans 

Race Fans are all about the car race. You will get some important season news, Syrian GP, good tracks, team, and players’ information. Comprehensive knowledge about players and car performance will be given to you unbiased. If you need pictures, videos, and statistics on all Prix and tournaments, this site is for you.

Planet F1 

This web platform offers digital headline news about all you need to know about car sport. The site offers injury updates and mechanical analysis of your beloved car sport. If you want to see information on your favorite player and car stand, check out their daily rankings. Race results and analysis for sports bettors can also be found in the tips section. A forum, where car sports lovers, bettors engage in civilized discussions, is also available

In conclusion, we have looked comprehensively at the top sports blogs and what they offer their audience. The blogs talked about here have genuine content that is worthy to read, you won’t be disappointed checking them out. What other sports blogs do you follow but aren’t mentioned on this list?

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