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Tennis Betting Guide 2023

Author: Marco Fontana


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Tennis is one of those popular sports that you can wager on at many online sportsbooks. However, the ability to wager online doesn’t necessary mean that you have full understanding of the game.

That’s why our team of accomplished tennis experts and former pro players has prepared this this tennis guide for you. We will inform you of how tennis betting works, how to master matters to do with tennis betting, and some of the most popular tennis betting markets, to mention but a few. Let’s dive straight in!

Best Tennis Betting sites

best tennis betting sites

Identifying the best bookie to bet on cricket cans be an uphill task. That’s where we come in and at least with the expertise of our experts you can trust us for what we do best – making the right picks for bettors including the best tennis sportsbooks. Here is a list of the best betting sites for betting tennis.




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Tennis betting: How does it work exactly?

Tennis betting How does it work exactly

Some of the most reputable sportsbooks offer some of the most competitive betting odds on tennis, but for the lesser experienced players, wagering on tennis may end up being fun and challenging. Men’s games tend to be the best-of-five sets games for Grand Slams, while women tend to play best-of-three sets when it comes to Majors.

In a game of tennis, a player who manages to chalk up 6 games and goes on to win two clear games takes the set, making the first set scorecast another betting avenue. For example, assume that Novak Djokovic is facing off with Alexander Bublik in a Grand Slam match. You can put your money on Novak Djokovic to triumph over Bublik to 6-3, 6-2 etc.

Lately, in-game wagering on tennis is increasingly becoming popular, and we will discuss matters about such later. For players who intend to work out their returns, you can expect to find reliable bookies with an odds calculator.

With an odds calculator, you get to determine your overall potential winnings once your betting slip is full. For example, if you put $5 on Andrey Rublev to triumph over Marin Cilic and the odds are 5/1, you’ll receive $25 in return should your bet materialize.

Mastering the art of tennis betting

mastering the art of tennis betting

Just like every other sporting event, mastering the art of wagering on tennis can be a tricky affair. And that’s where bettingsite24 experts come in. At least you can count on our expertise to help you make the best decision. Below are some helpful tips that may help you increase chances of winning:

Shop around for a top bookie

For an unforgettable tennis betting experience, we always advice our readers to shop around for the best bookies in business. Most of the time, though, you may find yourself searching online for the best bookie. But to be on the safe side, make sure that you compare and contrast several bookies to find the best one that suits all your needs. Luckily you can go through our list of the best bookmakers and spot one that ticks all the boxes.

Start small as you expand out to different betting markets

The moment you venture out on betting on tennis, it can be easy to find yourself being sucked in and going on to wager on every available market. For large tennis events such as the India Well Masters, for example, make sure that you start out with something small and simple to understand such as the ‘Moneyline’ which entails you predicting the winner of the game.

The moment you begin to feel comfortable, you can begin to advance and climb up the ladder and try out accumulators where you stand a chance of wagering on multiple games at a single time.

As much as possible, try and look for value

Finding value when it comes to wagering on tennis is vital. Mostly, the conventional ‘Big Three’ of Serena Williams, Rafael Nadal, and Novak Djokovic who’ve dominated tennis for close to two decades tend to command shorter prices.
In Grand Slam tennis events, it can be easy to gravitate towards them since they’ll be the heavy favorites in early rounds. But there are times when you may want to think outside the box. A less fancied player trading with longer odds may cause an upset and can see you winning big.

Bet with your head as opposed to your heart

Online sports betting can be extremely challenging, and wagering on tennis is by no means different. At times, it can be very tempting to lead with your heart. Even if your favorite player is on the field, you may want to check up the available tips so that you find some of the best betting tips to go with before a particular match begins.

Popular Tennis Betting Markets

popular tennis betting markets

The following are some of the most popular tennis betting markets that you need to know:

  • Moneyline

As explained earlier, the ‘Moneyline’ is an excellent starting point when wagering on tennis, and with the elimination of a draw, only two options remain here – selecting which players will come out on top.

  • Outright tennis wagering

Outrights are also one of the most popular tennis betting markets out there. Outrights involve predicting who you think will triumph in a particular tournament. Something big to remember here is the court surface since different players in different playing surfaces. When placed early, outright odds present large odds.

  • Set wagering

Set betting is another popular tennis betting market that you can find among plenty of betting sites. Here, you get to predict the winner of the first, second, third or up to five sets. You’ll have to predict the winner of the fifth set should the match be a five-setter.

  • Over/Under Markets

Over/under markets is where you get to wager on the total number of games under/over. Just as the name suggests, this involves predicting how many games will be throughout the entire match. Mostly, in three-set matches, such may be easy to predict. For instance, you can stake ‘Under 20 games’ should you feel that a player may run out as straight-sets winner or over that amount should you feel that the players are matched evenly.

  • Live Betting

Live betting puts the player at the heart of the action and in the event of live betting on tennis, several bookies do pride themselves in the manner they operate their in-play betting markets. For example, during the course of a Master 1000 tennis event, you’ll most likely find a breakdown of stats supplied by several operators that inform their customers, especially if they wish to cash out on their bets.

With in-game tennis betting, the player is in control of his or her own stake. Some of the notable operators names have a $10 risk free bet which is refunded should their bets fail to materialize.

Comprehending Tennis

comprehending tennis

Tennis will see the server and the receiver alternating between games, with the rules differing between doubles and singles, as with the former, the entire court, including tramlines, being in.

For singles, players need to win two sets if it is best-of-three sets and the set continue to record six games. But if a set is 6-6, it means that there will be a tie-break, with the first to 7 points and by two clear points winning the set.

Wagering on tennis can come with very tense moments, especially if you find that there are breaks. However, it’s very exciting to wager on tennis.

Biggest Tennis Tournaments

biggest tennis tournaments

Mostly, the tennis season normally runs from January all the way to November and for the ATP tour, it’s mostly split into four types that include Master 1000 series, Grand Slams, 250 and 500 tournaments. Grand Slams get too much TV coverage, with the winners picking up 2,000 ATP points.

  • Wimbledon

Beginning with the four Slams, Wimbledon is one of the most popular and highly coveted tennis event of the year. Played in the summer in London on a court of grass, the Wimbledon attracts top players with millions of avid fans tuning in from several places across the globe.

  • The French Open

Held in Roland Garros around the end of May and played on clay, the French Open requires players of a certain mindset to handle slow conditions. There have been great champions who’ve graced this stage including the likes of Mats Wilander, to Bjorn Borg, and Mats Wilander, to mention but a few.

  • The US Open

The US Open is another popular tennis event that takes place towards the end of summer at Flushing Meadows in New York City. Again, there have been big names who’ve managed to grace the US open in the past such as Dominic Thiem and Novak Djokovic.

  • The Australian Open

This is also another popular tennis event and a traditional curtain raiser that takes place in Melbourne in January. We’ve noticed that the Australian open is another popular tennis event that you can wager on. Of importance to note is that there have a few notable changes, the most notable one taking place in 2008 when the tournament changed from being played on a different style of hard court that’s blue in color, as opposed to the previous green.

  • Masters 1000 Series Tournaments

The Masters 1000 events consists of a series of 9 events that take place across USA and Europe every year. This year, the first Masters event took place in Miami as opposed to Indian Wells, with the last one of the year expected to be the Paris Masters. For men, it consists of best-of-three sets, with the past few years seeing fresh winners including Daniil Medvedev and Dominic Thiem.

  • ATP 500 and 250 Series Tennis Events

There’s also the ATP 500 series, and mostly, there are 13 of them. Just recently, the likes of Rublev have gone ahead to scoop up titles, along with earning ranking points. On the other hand, the 250 series events take place throughout the globe with an interest in betting growing here too.

  • ATP Finals

The ATP Finals mark the end of the season with men holding the ATP Finals with a lot of passion. Previously, these events used to take place in London. However, from 2022 they will take place in Turin. Played in a round robin style, top eight men get to qualify for this lucrative event. The winner is awarded 1,500 points with the competition determining who gets to finish the campaign as No. 1.

  • WTA Finals

These event signals the end of women’s season and under the consideration of the unofficial 5th major. They normally take place in Shenzhen, China and the highlight of women’s tennis calendar. In 2019, the winner (Ashleigh Barty) walked away with a $4.7 million cheque. This competition sees 8 women battling out for the overall price.

  • Davis Cup

Finally, there’s the Davis Cup and on the international arena, this tournament remains the biggest tennis tournament. It involves 18 top teams in the globe battling out for the overall price. The Davis Cup finals mostly take place after the regular season ends.

A Brief History of Tennis

Even though there has been an ongoing debate regarding who invented the game of tennis, for over a century or so, tennis has managed to grow in leaps and bounds. Tennis was formally codified in England way back in 1870s, with the sport spreading quickly and appealing to many people.

A major change took place in 1968, marking the end to amateurism and the beginning of the Open era. It was in 1973 when the ATP and WTA rankings began being published on a weekly basis with the rackets having considerably changed since the 1980s when they transformed to graphite from wooden. Today, tennis continues to appeal to appeal to millions of people and showing no signs of hitting the reverse gear.

The Bottom Line

As a sport, tennis needs little introduction as its one of those popular sporting events that continues to attract hundreds of thousands of bettors in many locations across the globe. It’s hard to find a bookie who fails to offer decent tennis betting odds and markets. We hope that you’ve learn some of the most important details when it comes to wagering on tennis.

Tennis Betting FAQs


Plenty of sites offer betting on tennis. Our detailed analysis indicate that player preferences differ regarding a site that they prefer. Some go for those with good odds while others prefer where they can get good bonuses.

Yes. You can watch tennis on any bookie that offers live streaming services. If you look around, you won’t miss to find a number of them.

For both men and women, the Grand Slams come in as the best tennis tournament to wager on, and you can expect to find some of the best odds on tournaments such as the US Open and Wimbledon.

It’s a market that involves predicting how many sets or games that a match in tennis may last. For example, you can wager on Shapovalov to beat Dimitrov Over 30 matches at 3/1.

There are plenty of them in place. However, the ‘Moneyline’ that involves predicting the match winner comes in as the most popular tennis bet that attract the attention of many bettors.

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