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Solved: How to Fix Bet9ja Deposit Errors

Author: Marco Fontana


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Do you have a deposit error on Bet9ja and wondering how to fix it?

Then this article goes into detail on all the potential deposit error and transaction errors you can get when using the Bet9ja website.

As you know, Bet9ja is a household bookmaker in Nigeria that operates primarily in sports betting. You can check out our full Bet9ja review.

However, sometimes, their online customers face various technical issues when trying to deposit funds into their accounts.

We will try to discuss these crucial issues and provide ample solutions to them.

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How to Fix Bet9ja Deposit Errors Step by Step

There are certain steps and procedures to take when either of the above-mentioned errors occurs, the solution to take depends on the kind of errors noticed. For pending transactions, take the following actions:

  1. Log in to the personal account. Check your available balance. Scroll down and click on deposit options.
  2. Click on the various debit card deposits options to check your payment transactions.
  3. Select all pending deposits.
  4. Once you choose bank pending deposits, a window should pop up.
  5. When you see this, refresh the payment page by clicking the green icon that pops up in the window.
  6. If your deposit sails through to your account, the amount deposited will reflect on your balance immediately into your online account. However, if your deposit failed, a message concerning the failed deposit should pop up.
  7. You can then proceed to bet on your favorite games.

8 Major Ways to Deposit Money on Bet9ja

There are various ways to put funds into your online account.  Some of these options include:

  • Webpay with all major Naira cards: This option lets you put some cash into your account via Naira debit cards. This Nigerian bookmaker recognizes Visa, MasterCard, and Verve cards. The minimum deposit amount is 100 Naira and the maximum is unlimited.
  •  NIBSS bills pay: This method of payment is an online account-based solution of paying bills. You can opt for this mode of payment by contacting your bank. The minimum and maximum cash allowed with the mode of payment are dependent on your bank.
  • GTB mobile cash transfer: Guarantee Trust Bank customers can deposit easily into their online account using the GT mobile transfer application. This application allows you to put a minimum of 100 Naira and a maximum of 10M daily.
  • Paycom online deposit: Deposit can be made into your bet9ja account using the Paycom service. Paycom offers online payment services to its customers. It offers easy and simple deposit options to Bet9ja. With Paycom, you can credit a minimum of 100 Naira and a maximum of 100,000 Naira.
  • Bank deposit: You can deposit from the various financial institutions into your account. Just walk into your financial institution hall and ask for the section to pay for utilities. Tell them you want to credit your bet9ja account and it will be done for you instantly. Minimum bank cash into your online account is 100 and the limit is 10 million.
  • ATM deposit: You can credit into your account by walking to the ATM to credit your online account. You can use the Quickteller option which is fast and instant but requires bank charges. The limit you are allowed to deposit depends on the types of cards you use and bank limits.
  • Opay online transfer: Opay is a fast-rising payment service in Nigeria. You can use this service to deposit into your bet9ja account easily. There are no extra charges and you can deposit a minimum of 100 Naira and a maximum of 2 million.
  • Polaris Bank mobile cash service: Those operating a Polaris Bank account, you can use your bank application to deposit funds into your betting account. The minimum amount is 100 Naira and the maximum amount is 500,000.
  • Unity Bank USSD and in-branch: You can use your unity bank used codes to deposit funds into the bet9ja account. The minimum deposit accepted using this method is 100 Naira while the maximum is 2,000,000.

Bet9ja Deposit Errors You Might Encounter

Occasionally, some errors occur when depositing into your bet9ja account. These errors can be frustrating to bettors who wish to stake in games and win huge cash. Two Main errors noticed are pending deposit and failed deposit.

  1. Pending deposit: This is a common error that occurs when making deposits on bet9ja. All deposits need to be verified and giving authorization before you can have access to it. Therefore, when you have a pending deposit error on bet9ja, you cannot stake on any available games, unfortunately. You will have to wait till the pending deposits are approved and credited to your available balance before it becomes available.
  2. Failed deposit: Failed transactions occur when there are certain restrictions placed by your bank for some reasons ranging from insufficient balance to security reasons. When you get this error, it will be wise to contact your bank to resolve the issue. If the error persists, you may want to change your deposit option.


Finally, it can be frustrating and confusing when you wish to stake on your favorite sport and you meet certain technical impediments. You can fix these deposit error on Bet9ja by following the above suggestions judiciously

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