Cricket Betting Tips and Other Strategies

Cricket Betting Tips and Other Strategies

Wagering online on cricket is both exciting and a fun thing to do. But before doing that, you may require some tips and strategies to help you do so. Read on for our in-depth cricket betting strategies and other tips that you may need to know should you wish to place your cricket bets online.

In case you aren’t aware yet, wagering on cricket is big, not only locally, but also internationally. Just recently, Betway got the sponsorship for the national men’s and women’s T20 cricket sides, indicating how big this sporting event is, especially in South Africa.

Apart from Betway, Hollywoods have remained the primary sponsors of the Dolphin cricket team in Dubai as well as the Kingsmead stadium.

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Types of Online Cricket Wagering

types of online cricket wagering

Four main categories of cricket exist including Match, Overs, Innings, and Player. Each of the above four categories offer several different wagers within. We at bettingsites24 have compiled a short list of what we believe to be our favorite cricket bets under all of these.

Match Betting

Here, you can wager on the following:

  • Winner – This is where you wager on which of the two teams facing off with one another will emerge victorious. In cricket’s longer format, tests, bettors can also wager on whether the match will end in a tie.
  • Most Sixes – This involves wagering on a team to hit the most sizes during their innings.
  • Team to Win the Coin Toss – Wagering on the team to win the coin toss before the beginning of the match.
    Player to score 50 or 100 runs – This is a wager that can be valid for the two sides and applies to the entire match. Just as it sounds, it’s a wager for a player to score 50 or 100 runs or more.

Dismissals during first X overs – The odds tend to be high for a team with a wicket or more, especially during their opening overs. Plenty of bookmakers offer excellent odds for such type of wagers.

Overs Wagering

  • Under and Over Wagering – This involves wagering on the number of runs scored in some specified over by the team batting will be under or over by a specified number.

Innings Betting

  • Team with Highest Score – This is a bet on a team that ends up scoring the highest number of runs over the course of their innings.
  • Team with Highest Score at Initial Dismissal – This is a wager on a team which ends up scoring the highest total runs prior losing their initial wicket.
  • Innings Over and Under Wagering – In the same manner to the over and under wagering during some specified over, this bet is placed on the total number of runs being under or over.

Player Betting

  • Top Bowler Team – It involves placing a wager on the team with the player who takes the most number of wickets.
  • Top Batter Team – Wagering on the side that will have the top scoring individual during a match.
  • Team Individual Top Batter – You can also wager on one individual player within each of the teams facing off to have scored most runs.
  • Individual Top Bowler in Team – This is wagering on a specific or one individual player within each of the two teams to have taken the maximum number of wicket.
  • Any Player to Score Some Milestone – Most often, bookmakers will offer their customers few novelty wagers. An apt example is wagering on any player in the game from either side of the teams facing off to achieve some personal milestone. Such could be the most number of catches to best bowling figures, to mention but a few.

Online Cricket Betting Tips and Strategies

online cricket betting tips and strategies

If you’ve been keen enough, you must have noticed that we’ve covered too much about this topic. But again, having a strategy when it comes to wagering on cricket is important. Highlighted below are few crucial points to put into consideration when wagering on cricket:

Have a clear understanding of the sport that you are wagering on

People do enjoy sporting events based on a number of reason. But one thing remains for sure, individuals don’t get to watch sporting events that they don’t have any idea about at all. It now beats logic to wager on sports that you don’t like or watch.

Having said that, the more informed or knowledgeable you are on a particular sport, the more sober and informed decisions you’ll make. Such may see you realizing good results.

Winners and Losers

Apart from the rare draw or a tie in a cricket match, plenty of ODI and T20 games will have some result. Even if a super over gets to decide this, there will be a victor and a loser.

The moment you choose to wager, you’ll definitely lose some of your wagers and win some. Winning isn’t 100% guaranteed here.

Organizing a betting budget

Regardless of whether you are wagering for purposes of entertainment, or to realize some cash, you need to set aside funds meant for betting, and those meant for your personal use. Get to know the amount that you wish to spend every month, and bet with what you can afford to lose.

Of importance to note is that there will be times when you’ll encounter a long losing streak. However, should you choose to stick to your betting budget, you’ll perfectly manage your spending. As a word of advice, there’s no need chasing losses.

Carry Out Thorough Research

The more you fancy and enjoy a certain sport, the more you’ll find the urge to know much about it. The time and countless hours you put into learning about a sport that you like, the better you get at identifying the value in bets.

Such knowledge or data comes in handy as you become more consistent in increasing your bankroll from your wagers in the end.

Cricket Betting Tips and Strategy – The Bottom Line

cricket betting tips and strategy the bottom line

Wagering on cricket is thrilling as a Ram Slam game or the final overs of hotly contested ODI between England and South Africa.

You love for a sport in addition to the knowledge of the teams and games is all that you may need. The only thing remaining is to shop around for high cricket odds. While you may find online betting on cricket at almost every South African bookie, with your knowledge, you should be able to identify some of the best value wagers.

Do you want to know whom we at bettingsites24 recommend as some of the best cricket betting sites in South Africa? It simple. Just go through our detailed reviews on each of the top bookmakers.

And remember one thing; winners have an idea of when to stop. Do you or a close friend of yours need some assistance? If so, please visit the National Responsible Gambling Program website to find more information.

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