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Best Bookies for Accumulators in Nigeria 2023

Author: Marco Fontana


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Accumulators bet have lately become synonymous with players who aspire to win big on football or other sports bets. The good news is that Nigeria is jam-packed with top-tier bookmakers that let Nigeria bettors enjoy accumulators markets such as football, tennis, hockey, and basketball to mention a few.

The best operators for accumulators in Nigeria are those ones that provide its customers with a chance to place accumulator bets with the best odds possible. Luckily enough, there are plenty of operators in Nigeria that offer their customers a chance to place accumulator bets.



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Online wagering with accumulators: What does it entail?


Lately, even newbies to online sports betting are aware of the benefits that come with accumulators. But what is an accumulator bet? An accumulator bet is a bet that consists a combination of two selections or more, combined to a single wager. A player will get his or her winnings if there’s a win in all the selections.

It therefore means that losing a single selection in the combination leads to a loss of the entire bet. Even though accumulators are available for several sports such as cricket, football, IPL, tennis, and basketball, the terms and conditions tend to vary. Most sites in Nigeria that offer accumulators have the option of placing accumulator bets on a variety of games and esports.

The combination of three selection is a treble while that of two selections is as a double. Even though the conditions are mostly the same, the names are different. Four or more selections are known as four-fold, five-fold accas, and so on, depending on the number of selections.

Online wagering with accumulators is one of the simplest concepts to comprehend and even much more simple to play, with everything being easily available at the click of a button. All this is due to technological development in the best betting sites for accas in Nigeria.

Why you may want to place accumulator bets


Many players thinking of wagering on their favorite sports may find accumulator bets unpopular for the first time as they come with the risk of losing the entire bet should a single selection fail to materialize. But regardless of their risk, accumulator bets are lately gaining popularity, as the stories who have won big with accumulator bets continuing to make headlines in Nigeria and across the globe.

Accumulator bets come with high rewards, if you are willing to take high risks. Plenty of players in Nigeria seem to be preferring accumulator bets lately with the expectation of getting high rewards, with bookies in the country paying heavy attention to ‘high risk, high reward’ mentality of their customers. Accumulator bets are rewarding since they involve taking a high risk.

If anything, taking a higher risk means that you may end up losing your entire bet funds due to a single selection. On the other hand, though, it also means that you can win a lot if lady luck smiles on you. There’s no any other single bet that can win you so much money in case you win the bet. All this adds the thrill along with the excitement for wagering on some of the top betting sites for accumulators in Nigeria.

We at bettingsites24 Nigeria have established that something ideal with online wagering with accumulators is that there’s no limit regarding the amount of money that a player can win with each bet. Just as the name suggests, accumulator bets do accumulate the winnings of each selection and based on the combination and other factors, then the final amount that you get to win is decided.

Non-runners: Do they lower the odds of winning?

non runners do they lower the odds of winning

First, it’s important to understand who non-runners are. Here is a brief example that can help you understand who non-runners are. For example if it’s a horse racing event and you wager on 5 horses but due to some unexpected events and one of the 5 horses fails to take part in the event, the horse is then referred to as a non-runner.

In other events, a non-runner is a selection of a combination that cannot happen or go on and therefore faces elimination from the accumulator bet. In the event that there’s a non-runner in a betting combination of the accumulator bet, it will not affect your bet at all. Put in simple terms, your operator will remove the non-runner from the accumulator bet with the odds of the bet getting adjusted accordingly.

Since such reduces the odds that come with both winning and losing, the odds of the accumulator will also be impacted in some way. In most cases, some of the best betting sites for accumulators in Nigeria will offer you some of the best odds of non-runners. All that you need to do is to make the right choice on where to place accumulator bets.

Important factors to consider when placing accumulator bets

important factors to consider when placing accumulator bets

Placing accumulator bets is a new, innovative, fun and a good way of wagering. However, there are some important factors to keep at the back of your mind when placing accumulator bets on a site of your choice. We at always prefer those sites that offer several benefits on signing up for online wagering with accumulators. Some of the things to watch out for include the following:

Sign up bonuses

When you are thinking of opening an account where you can wager on accumulator bets, you need to ensure that they offer attractive sign up bonuses. The sign up bonus is quite helpful, especially when playing for real money, meaning that you may end up with a lot more money, which is the ultimate goal of wagering.

Banking methods

If the site that you are about to sign up for limits the options in which you can deposit and withdraw from your account, you may end up with a bad experience. You need to ensure that you sign up to a site that offers plenty of banking methods, all of which need to be safe and convenient. The operator of your choice needs to offer you several fast and easy payment options that include e-wallets, credit cards, and debit cards.

24/7 customer support

Besides providing some of the best sign-up bonuses, several safe and secure payment options, a strong and a committed customer support system is also important. Some of the best sites for accumulators in Nigeria will offer its customers outstanding customer care support that include plenty of contact options to reach the support department.

It comes a time when customers will need some assistance, and plenty of contact options that operate 24/7 is important.

Placing accumulator bets


When placing accumulator bets, you are wagering for more than a single event at every given time. While it may seem confusing when wagering with accumulators, in the end, you’ll notice that it’s a very easy process.

What may be tricky is trying to get the winning sides right. Below are simple steps on how to go about placing accumulator bets after signing up to a site of your choice.

Step 1:

After successfully creating your account and getting the initial bonus, you can go ahead and use that bonus that you get to wager on your first accumulator bet(s). The initial step in the process is making selections of the matches that you want to include in your accumulator bet.

Step 2:

After selecting the events, you now go ahead and predict the winners for every event that you intend to put your wager on. Of importance to note here is that for you to win in an accumulator bet, all the individual bets must secure a win. You need to be very careful when performing this important step.

Step 3:

After you’re done with the selection of the teams or the sides that you intend to wager on, all that remains is selecting your stakes. The amount of stake that you put down for every game will be the determining factor of how much you’ll win. Of importance to note is that you won’t be lucky all the time.

The bottom line

With the online gaming and betting industry booming in Nigeria, it’s important to important for a player to have several games and betting options to choose from, accumulator bets being one of them. The option of having accumulator bets makes everything about online sports betting to be more interesting to a player.

The moment you are hooked to accumulator bets, you’ll find regular wagering on single selections being quite easy. With on your side, you can count yourself lucky; we offer you spot only crème de la crème bookies with best sign up bonuses and high odds.

Better yet, if you sign up at some of the bookies suggested by us you get promotions such as 2 Goals Ahead Early Payout Offer with bet365 Nigeria and exclusive bonuses with local bookies such as Bet9ja and Nairabet Nigeria.




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