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Among other things that you may need to have before begin your betting, a strategy is arguably one of the most important things to have. There’s no need to be an expert or a guru to win on most of your wagers or have an understanding of the right strategies to wager.

Even though majorities of sports such as Esports do have some similarities, importance to note is that there are some helpful tips that you may want to have them with you. This is our comprehensive guide that can help you in when it comes to betting and wager like a pro. From soccer to Rugby, and horse racing, among others we’ve got you covered. If you are here, count yourself lucky.



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An Explanation of Betting Terms


Begin your journey with online sports betting can be somewhat overwhelming. The world of online sports betting is full of betting terms and other conditions that tend to vary from one market to the other.

For example, you may hear one term in one sport only to find it missing in another. We assist you in getting started on everything to do with sports, explaining some of the most common sports betting terminologies that you need to know.

Comparison of Bookmaker Odds


The odds in sports betting indicate how likely a sporting event may happen, or the probability, and therefore to help a player in making calculations at how much you may win from a successful wager. Therefore, an understanding regarding how the betting odds work is important for online sports wagering. The odds are a representation of the ratio between a Bookmaker’s state on a single side and that of the bettor on the other hand.

With your wager, you get to make a prediction of a certain outcome, and should you get it correctly, you get to win. Though we all have our favorite bookie, it makes absolute sense to want to compare their odds on a chosen sports betting event. Different bookies do apply different margins that tend to vary but not by far.

Betting odds formats: Decimal odds vs Fractional odds


betting odds formats decimal odds vs fractional odds

When itt comes to online sports betting, you’ll notice that there are different methods of stating the odds that several sports betting sites support.

There are fractional odds and decimal odds. Bookies display fractional odds as two number that they separate them by a tralish trash, such as 7/1 (seven-to-one). Thereafter, the probability gets calculated as: probability (%) = Y/(X+Y). The following are few examples for a better understanding:

  • 9/1 = 1(9+2) = 0.10 ->there’s a 10% chance of that event happening
  • 1/1 = 1/(1+1) = 0.50 -> there is a 50% chance that the event happens
  • 4/1 = 1/(4+1) = 0.20 -> there is a 20% chance that the event will happen

Fractional betting odds do help players calculate how much they get to win should their bet be a success. For the examples listed above, it means:

  • 9/1 -> for every R1 you bet, you will win R9
  • 1/1 -> for every R1 you bet, you will win R1
  • 4/1 -> for every R1 you bet, you will win R4

Decimal odds are lately becoming more and more popular based on their simplicity. Additionally, these odds also don’t take the potential winnings, but also stakes in the account, meaning that winnings get calculated in the following: winnings = (odds * stake) – stake. Below are a few clear examples:

  • 2.5 is calculated as (2.5 * R10 stake) – R10 stake =R15 winnings
  • 9.0 is calculated as (9.0 * R10 stake) – R10 stake =R80 winnings
  • 4.0 is calculated as (4.0 * R10 stake) – R10 stake = R30 winnings

Based on our research and other studies, we at bettingsites24 have established that both decimal and fractional odds tend to be quite popular across almost all South African betting sites. In fact, most of them allow you to swap between both of these betting odds.

Finding the best online betting site for you


Now that you’ve decided what you need to wager on and even familiarized yourself with betting strategies, now it’s time put your betting strategies to the test. A common question always remains: “Which bookie do I need to wager with?” With lots of choices available, finding the best online bookie can be a difficult task.

But at the end, it all depends on player preferences. Some like the look and feel of the site while others prefer wagering through an app. There are those who go for betting sites with plenty of payment options while others make those that offer good odds their preference. Before you can begin wagering, you need to do your research and find the best one for you. Fortunately, we have a list of the best ones that you can trust.

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