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Betting Guide 08-06-2020

European Championship 2021 Betting Guide

This is your complete guide to betting on the European Champions league 2021. As you are aware many people tend to believe that the European Championship is a small version of the FIFA World Cup, which is understandable considering that football powerhouses such as Argentina and Brazil have always been missing from the lineup. Yet, […]

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euro 2020
News 03-06-2020

Euro 2020 Tickets updates: Will there be a refund?

Unfortunately, the Euro 2020 football showpiece won’t be taking place this summer with the coronavirus continuing to wreak havoc, not only in Europe, but also across the globe. With almost all domestic leagues suspended, UEFA has taken a tough decision and postponed this much-anticipated summer’s showpiece. On Tuesday March 17th 2020, UEFA bigwigs from different […]

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premier league
News 02-06-2020

The English Premier League Resumes Training, all eyes on June 17.

On Monday 18th 2020, top tier English football clubs agreed to resume training, seeking to avoid losses of up to £1 billion. The English Premier League took this bold step following discord among players and clubs on how to about resuming fixtures suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic. On Monday 18th 2020, 20 member clubs […]

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bundesliga germany
News 01-06-2020

German Bundesliga resumes, but under draconian rules – no fans, no hugging.

To say the least, Germany’s social distancing rules and regulations for the Bundesliga are nothing but a charade. So far, the return of Bundesliga games is a reminder that it will be very long before things return to normal. Germany’s top league, also known as the Bundesliga is back, despite the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Germany’s […]

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