Online Casinos in Nigeria

History of Online Casino Gambling in Nigeria


Until recently, Nigeria’s gambling environment wasn’t properly regulated, with a majority of players choosing to pursue their hobbies in illegal betting shops. These betting houses include illegal/underground casinos that pose a serious risk for both local and international players. Lately, though, the government of Nigeria is trying its very best to legalize the online casino gaming environment, while making its best to put an end to unlawful gambling.

Until 2004, there was a blanket ban on online casino gambling across all Nigerian states. Surprisingly, the same year witnessed the launch of the first official opening of the first three biggest online casinos across the country. In 2013, Nigeria opened the first online casino, initially featuring Roulette games. Since then, the games offered at a majority of Nigerian online casinos have expanded rapidly with players able to access a wide range of international sports offered by plenty of casino operators accepted in the country.

How we Review the Best Casinos in Nigeria


In Nigeria, there are more than one hundred online casinos. A majority of them accept Nigerian players. But how do you go about selecting some of the best Nigeria online casinos in the market? What are some of the things you consider when choosing the best online casinos in Nigeria?

  • Licensing and Regulation – The best online casinos in Nigeria are those that are licensed and regulated to operate in either Nigeria or foreign countries. It would be better if the online casino is registered in a foreign country with strict online gambling regulations such as the U.K, Malta, and Gibraltar. There is nothing more dangerous than signing up to an online casino site that is not registered to operate legally. You risk being exposed to unfair games, unfair dealing, or delays in payment or total refusal in honoring payment requests. With unfair practice at stake, who wants to be exposed to a casino?
  • Game selection – the range of games that bettors have is of importance because, with s limited range of games, themes, and payout, you will likely experience monotony.
  • Payment options – online casinos that offer a wide range of payment options stand a better chance of attracting Nigerian players, as they are convenient. A wide range of payment options promises that at least there will be a banking option with fast processing times, such as eWallets or cards. The best online casinos in Nigeria are those that allow its customers to make and conduct payments not only in Nigerian Naira but also through other forms of currency.
  • The banking options should have low fees as no player wants to be levied while depositing or withdrawing. However, some dishonest online casinos have exorbitant charges which don’t augur well with players.
  • Customer support – While assessing this parameter, our casino review experts examine the effectiveness of customer support. Is the customer support staff polite, informed, professional, and courteous? We also check the response rate and the contact options available. Better yet, customers should be able to reach customer care attendants via several contact options such as email, live chat, Skype, Fax, and telephone, to mention but a few.
  • Website usability – Website usability matters a lot when selecting an online casino to play at. How fast can you navigate through the website when selecting your favorite games? Are the filter buttons available for you to choose your favorite games? The color schematics and graphics of the platform should be pleasing to the eye.

Online casinos in Nigeria should be able to support multiple languages to accommodate players from different dialects.

As highlighted above, only legit casinos manage to ensure they meet all these factors. Below are the casinos that checked all the boxes for the best online casinos in Nigeria.

Nigeria Most Popular Online Casino Games


Online casino games continue to expand on almost a daily basis globally. The same is true when it comes to the Nigerian online casino gambling scene. There are plenty of online casino games available for Nigerian players at almost all casino sites in the country.

Some of the most popular online casino games offered by almost all online casino sites in the country include:

  • Slots
  • Baccarat
  • Craps
  • Roulette
  • Live Games,
  • Poker
  • Keno

Depending on the online casino of your choice, you can find a variety of games to play to enjoy. Unlike before, where there were a limited number of games, such is not the case as of today. Now, there are plenty of online casino games around. As a player, you stand to enjoy a wide variety of online casino games in Nigeria.

How to Register at a Casino Site in Nigeria and Start Playing

You need to register your player account before you can begin to play at an online casino of your choice in Nigeria. The registration process is free of charge. The process of registering at an online casino in Nigeria is not as challenging as you may imagine.

The first thing that you have to do is to select a casino site that you find ideal for you. Again, there are plenty of casino sites in Nigeria. After making your comparison, you’ll be left with the best casinos that you find the ideal for you. After selecting the best one, then you join by filling your personal data. All online casinos in Nigeria will require players to submit their personal information before they can play real money games.

After filling in your personal data, you will have to choose your username. Your username follows after you are finished filling in your name, surname, registration code, date of birth, address, place, postal address, and the password that you will be using. Again, you always have to confirm that you are above 18 years or older.

After filling up all your information, you can sign up and verify your account. Account verification is mainly through an email address. You’ll immediately receive an email address from the online casino of your choice requiring you to verify your account. Account verification involves sending to the security department a copy of your government-issued I.D or passport.

After account verification, you can begin playing your favorite casino games the way you desire. Here, you can begin collecting your bonuses and other promotional offers available to you. A majority of online casinos in Nigeria have bonuses and other promotional offers in place. If you so wish, you can also go ahead and undo your sign up if you want to stop playing. If you don’t like the online casino of your choice or just want to stop playing due to addiction, then you can do so by removing or deleting your account.

Types of bonuses and promotions at Nigerian Online Casinos


Bonuses and promotions are vital marketing tools in the wake of the cutthroat competition in Nigeria. Casino sites use bonuses and promotions as a means of attracting new players and retaining old ones. Without bonuses and promotions in an online casino gaming site, more than likely, bettors will head to other sites with such promotions. These bonuses are classified are follows.

Welcome bonus

New players that sign up at an online casino receive this bonus. Many casinos require players to deposit some amount, which is matched to a certain percentage, but to a specific limit. In other circumstances, it is issued as a fixed amount.

Free spins

Casinos will give players free game skins, which they can use to real money games. Almost all free spins have wagering requirements. That implies that for you to withdraw winnings realized from free spins, you have to play the bonus money several times before being able to withdraw. Another name for free spins is bonus spins, wager-free spins, or extra spins.

No deposit bonus

No deposit bonus is an offer which new players receive either free spins or credit when signing up even before depositing money into their account. The bonus can be used to play real money games. However, you will have to meet the wagering requirements for you to withdraw winnings realized from the bonus.

Loyalty and VIP bonuses

Being a high roller at an online casino comes with a reward of receiving an exclusive bonus for such type of players. The bonus comes with benefits such as dedicated customer support, complimentary tickets, fast payment processing, exclusive deals, and much more. The bonus can also be earned by accumulating points for every real money played. The points earned could be exchanged for real money prizes or game credits.

The future of online gambling in Nigeria


While it is almost impossible to predict the future accurately, using trends, you can somewhat chart how the future will be. The trends in Nigeria’s online casinos and gambling market promise a positive future. Some of the innovations, games, and technologies that you should expect in full swing include.

  • Virtual Reality:

Playing online 3D games is a thing that is likely to dominate the Nigerian online gambling market soon. Already in other spheres of entertainment, 3D technology has received immense praise, and in online gaming, the results are likely to be the same. The first 3D slot games went live in 2015, and it expected the same technology to be rolled out to other games such as bingo and poker. With 3D bingo and poker rooms, you will be able to join virtual bingo rooms and interact with other players as if they are seated next to you, only fun to end when you get off the V.R sets. It’s incredibly fun, and Nigerians can’t wait for such a time.

  • Mergers and Acquisitions:

With over 100 issued licenses to online casino operators in Nigeria, the gambling market is already fragmented. Dealing with such a market could be expensive in terms of advertising and other overheads, considering there is no dominant operator. Forming mergers and acquisitions is the prudent approach to cut down on costs and benefit from economies of scale— large customer base and few overheads.

  • Limits and responsible gambling enforcements:

The online gambling demographic in Nigeria is unique. You’d expect only the low-income earners to be attracted to the activity, but surprisingly, the middle-class form part of the statistics. The rate in which Nigerians are playing online is unprecedented and calls for reason to worry as some spend beyond their budgets.
It is expected that the law enforcement will look into this issue and bring more sane regulatory terms to operators to prevent them leading players into the pitfall of gambling addiction.

  • Gambling in Bitcoin:

As Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are finding their way into the gambling market, the Nigerian gambling community isn’t left behind in the adoption of digital currencies. Cryptocurrencies are associated with anonymity, privacy, and security. As cybersecurity takes a toll and cases of credit card hack increases, cryptocurrencies are deemed the solution to fix that mess. In fact, according to recent results of Google findings, it indicates the Nigerians ranked second in search of the term Bitcoin. There is a promising future for Bitcoins to be used by Nigerians in online casinos provided more online casinos in Nigeria pave the way for this new form of payment.


Online casinos in Nigeria are increasing at a rate fast that expected. Whereas the online gambling legislation in Nigeria is gray, wagering at online casinos in Nigeria is safe, provided you settle for a licensed online casino. Ingenious marketing techniques are being introduced in the market to get more players on board, and it just a matter of time before the Nigerian market becomes mature in terms of gambling.

The Nigerian online gambling market is attractive courtesy of a vibrant betting population and Nigerian passion for gaming. Online gaming sites have also shifted their attention to the Nigerian market by introducing custom products for Nigeria markets such as African themed slots and payment in Naira. The market outlook is positive and we should expect more than what meets the eye in the years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions about online casinos in Nigeria

Yes, playing at online casinos in Nigeria is legal.

Although there are plenty of online casinos in Nigeria, not all casinos offer the best service. We suggest you go through our experts’ recommendations of the best online casinos in Nigeria.

While you can conclusively point out at what sites have the best payouts, you can reduce the bias by going through our list of the best payout Nigeria casinos. The list has the best payouts sites that our casino reviews experts have tested their games with real money.

Yes, Nigerians like other players are entitled to welcome bonus at most online casinos. However, make sure that the casino has a welcome bonus and read the terms and conditions to ensure you have an easy time withdrawing your winnings. Check our best online casino bonuses for Nigeria players page to get a list of casino sites with the best bonuses.

Yes, some online casino sites accept Bitcoin. Online gambling sites that accept Bitcoin have the Bitcoin log at their payment window.

If you use a licensed and regulated online site, you are somewhat assured that your information and payment details aren’t compromised. Go through our list of the best online casinos in Nigeria, and you will find the safest online casinos in Nigeria.

Yes, some of the best online casinos for Nigeria players accept Naira besides the common currencies USD and EUR. Such sites cut down the conversion costs as players play in local currency.