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Today, South Africans like to bet online with a majority of them preferring to wager on major sports such as Rugby, Horse Racing, Cricket, Soccer, and the upcoming betting on Esports. We managed to look at some of the popular sports and wagering markets that are available and offer details, along with the best betting sites for each.



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Popular Betting Markets

popular betting markets

South Africans are at freedom to bet on more than 30 sporting events. However, some of the most popular markets include the following:

  • Rugby
  • Cricket
  • Horse Racing
  • Soccer
  • Lotto
  • Esports

Top Betting Sites

Top Betting Sites

There’s no reason to panic when playing at the above sportsbooks. Before they managed to make it to our list, we at bettingsites24 tried and tested the sites and today, we focus on the Betandwin platform.

We also compile a detailed review per every betting site to avail you with the best possible information. The ones that appear above are the best and the most ideal sports betting sites for South African bettors. As you may have noticed, we’ve also shortlisted the best sports betting sites for different markets.

Is there a need to wager online? Is it safe?

Do you happen to have a laptop, a tablet, or a mobile phone with reliable internet connectivity? If so, you can wager whenever you feel like doing so and wherever you are. Online betting comes with some of the best odds, along with free bets on some specified markets and other events.

Occasionally, there’s that urge of wanting to wager without any plans at all. In-play offers and Live Streaming are some of the reasons as to why you may want to try your luck online.

A significant number of online sports betting sites fall under the administration of credible firms who’ve been in business for decades. Provided you wager with a licensed and regulated operator in South Africa, you have no reason to worry at all.

Reasons to choose a betting site listed on Bet & Win

reasons to choose a betting site listed on bet & win

There are more than a dozen sports betting sites in South Africa, with new additions propping up on yearly basis. For this reason, find the best one is not always a walk in the park. But we have done the hard work for you by reviewing dozens of these sites.

How do we do that? We sign up with them and put their bonuses, promotions, and odds to the test. As a result, we only list online bookies that we can bet with ourselves. Even though there are plenty of other sites that South African bettors can choose, we give top priority to those that have a license to operate as per the laws of the land. We list those that offer a safe and trustworthy environment.

Sports betting: How does it work?

To a newbie, sports betting might look a bit like quantum physics, but in the real sense, it’s not. It’s so simple than you may imagine.

All that you have to do here is to place a bet on a sporting event, cross your fingers hoping for a win, and if you win the bet, you get a set amount of money. Otherwise, you get to lose your stake. Below is a beginner’s guide to sports betting and few steps to follow to begin your journey on sports betting:

  • Set a budget (it could either be weekly or monthly) and make sure that you stick to it, bearing in mind that as a beginner, chances that you’ll lose some of your wagers remain high.
  • Decide on what you want to wager on, as most online bookies will offer you a massive range of markets. A nice starting point would be to settle on a sport that you fancy and understand.
  • Join an online sports betting site that you like. Many of them will offer you several offers and promotions such as risk-free bets or free sign-on bet. To be safe, make sure that you join a credible site that won’t disappear with your winnings.
  • Get a clear picture of the betting odds, as they are the key to sports wagering. Odds represent the chances of a successful bet and used in the calculation of the payout from successful stakes.
  • Begin with simple bets, such as ‘Win bet’ where you get to place a bet on a winning team or individual player.

Esports wagering? How does it work?

When it comes to the sports betting scene, we can refer Esports as somewhat a new kid on the block. However, it seems to be attracting a lot of attention lately. In reality, though, Esports betting doesn’t really drift far away when compared to traditional sports betting.

Before you can wager here, you may want to first understand how such games are played, along with its strategies. But you don’t need to be an expert. General understanding will come in handy, and you can find the important basics of Esports in our in-depth Esports betting strategy and tips guide for beginners.

How do I get to play lottery online?

Looking around, you’ll notice that many online sports betting sites are now offering their customers a chance to enjoy lotto online. Few years back, South Africans could only take part in national lottery draws. But today, things have changed, and playing lotto online is very simple.

Just choose your preferred lotto online site, register your account, and select the lotteries that you want to try, pick your lucky number, and pay for the ticket. It’s as simple as that. We’ve assemble a guidance on how to play and win lottery here.

Online betting bonuses

online betting bonuses

Many bookies in South Africa offer their customers sign up offers or a welcome bonus upon account registration. Some of the most popular ones include:

  • Free sign-up bonus: these are no deposit bonuses, and a good way of testing a bookie before making deposits. Hollywood Bets, Betway, and World Sports Betting are lately offering these bonuses.
  • Free FICA bonuses: by South African laws, bookies are supposed to know their customers, meaning that they have to follow FICA process. Some bookies tend to offer their customers a special free FICA bonus after they submit the necessary documents.
  • First deposit bonus: players get this bonus upon their initial deposit. Most online bookies mostly offer a 100% deposit bonus, though the maximum may vary. Sunbet, for instance, limits theirs to R1000, while GG Gaming provides up to R3000. Playabets has the most generous maximum bonus amount that goes up to R 10,000.

Even though free or generous welcome offers are good for testing online bookies, they come with some terms and conditions. You need to go through them first before making deposits.

Online Betting Strategies and Tips

online betting strategies and tips

We have reviewed and put down an entire section of just talking about Strategy and Tips. From beginner’s guide, all the way to articles that talk about certain tactics for some sporting events, we have everything that you need.

You need to note that wagering on a variety of sports is a good idea. Some bookies might offer excellent odds in horse racing, while others may have some of the best odds in rugby. There’s no harm in shopping around, as that’s what many betting gurus do.

As a new player, you can expect generous sign-up offers. Make sure that you familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions before everything else. Our aim is to ensure that you have a safe, rewarding, and entertaining online betting experience.

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