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Anybody has got the potential of being a sharp bettor, but with the right info. That’s the reason as to why Bettingsites24 Nigeria put all the essential fundamentals into our introductory series, especially for new bettors. Online sports betting can be murky, especially when you get it wrong. However, if you do everything right, then it will be fun and exciting.

Are you a new beginner looking to get everything started right away? If so, then you are in the right place. This guide is for you. Here, you’ll find some of the most essential details that you need to know when it comes to sports betting.

To say that our guide is comprehensive would somehow be an understatement. We at believe that this guide is one of the best sports betting resources that you can find on the internet, and probably, the number one. While you can decide for yourself on how good it is, we are firmly confident that you will be impressed.

Are you looking for insightful information on introduction to sports betting, types of sports betting, or sports betting strategies? If so, then our guide will impart you with the right information to take your skills to another level.

That’s not all that we offer. We also provide our readers with individual betting guides on a variety of different sports coupled with enormous additional information and advice. Our guide continues to be a work in progress, as we regularly updated and expanded. We are always looking to improve on it, the best way we can.

Regardless of whether you’ve never placed bets before in your life or you have plenty of years of experience behind you, we will help you get what you want out of your sports betting journey. That’s a true promise.

online betting terms
Betting Guide 20-10-2020

Betting Terms 2020 – The Complete Online Betting Glossary

Betting and gambling have generally become straightforward and easy if you understand and know the most important betting terms. However, there are certain terms some players still don’t understand. In this article, we will try our best to explain some gambling terms you should know.   Basic Betting Terms Here are some basic gambling terms […]

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gambling nigeria
Betting Guide 20-08-2020

Gambling in Nigeria Infographic – An Overview of the Betting Industry in Nigeria

Legal sports betting has been around for a while but only recently has it grown in Africa especially Nigeria. In this sports betting infographics in Nigeria, we cover the Ins and Outs of the gambling world in Nigeria where we look at how big the sports betting industry is in Nigeria, who gamble the most […]

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the top gambling statistics in nigeria with an overview of general gambling statistics
Betting Guide 11-08-2020

24 Gambling Statistics in Nigeria for 2020

Are you curious about the state of gambling in Africa in 2020? We have curated a list of the top gambling statistics and facts in Nigeria Gambling in Nigeria and other Africa countries comes in different forms and shapes. While football betting as a form of gambling is prevalent and most popular amongst Africa youths, […]

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how to fix bet9ja deposit error
Betting Guide 28-07-2020

Solved: How to Fix Bet9ja Deposit Errors

Do you have a deposit error on Bet9ja and wondering how to fix it? Then this article goes into detail on all the potential deposit error and transaction errors you can get when using the Bet9ja website. As you know, Bet9ja is a household bookmaker in Nigeria that operates primarily in sports betting. You can […]

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The Best Sports Blogs
Betting Guide 25-07-2020

Top Sports Blogs You Should Be Reading in 2020

What are the best sports blogs out there? That is what this list is all about. Many people love sports for various reasons that range from sentiments, family, personal to financial reasons. Due to the above-mentioned reasons, several blogs sprang up to satisfy the yearnings of sports lovers (and of course, make some money) by […]

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how to win big on football bet like a pro
Betting Guide 20-07-2020

How to Win Big on Football Bet Like A Pro

Do you want to learn how to win big on football bet like a pro? If you think it is impossible, then you need to read this piece. While I am not saying that you will make the same exact amount of money, I can guarantee that after reading this article on the best football […]

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the betting links and resources on the internet
Betting Guide 10-07-2020

Betting Links, Resources and Partners

Welcome to our betting link resource and partner page. On this betting links page,  you will find links to sites, articles, and resources we think you would like after you are finished with ours. If you run a sports website, betting website, or another site that you think our readers would enjoy please do get […]

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frequently asked questions about football betting
Betting Guide 04-07-2020

Betting FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions About Sports Betting

Do you have a burning betting faq that you wish someone could help you answer? Then look no further than this post. This post goes into the frequently asked question about sports betting in Nigeria. In this article, you will get the right answers to some of your questions including online betting questions, questions about […]

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euro 2020 now 2021
Betting Guide 08-06-2020

European Championship 2021 Betting Guide

This is your complete guide to betting on the European Champions league 2021. As you are aware many people tend to believe that the European Championship is a small version of the FIFA World Cup, which is understandable considering that football powerhouses such as Argentina and Brazil have always been missing from the lineup. Yet, […]

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virtual sports betting sites
Betting Guide 04-06-2020

Virtual Sports Betting Sites and How to Use Them

Overview Virtual sports are taking over the sports betting world, but what exactly are they? In general, they are video games that make up the virtual sports betting section. They are an improvement of the fantasy betting section and are under the control of a computer software system. Virtual games consist of modern features, including […]

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