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Betting Tips: How to Win Football Bets

Author: Marco Fontana


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When you manage it properly, betting online in sports can be quite profitable. More than you can imagine. The keyword is “properly”, and our best betting tips will allow you to make the most out of your betting sessions. It is time to win big time!

Once you finish reading this article, you will learn all the tricks to make more bets that are successful in 2019. The real key to supercharge your growth.

5 Football Betting Tips to Help You Win

You need to know that amateurs lose tons of money because they ignore the basics of successful betting, however, you can avoid their mistakes by reading this article patiently.

You will go from amateur to pro by simply mastering the basics, and here you have them:

  1. Keep your emotions at bay, because online betting is a cold-hearted matter. Bet with your head, not your heart
  2. Only bet money you can afford to lose, because it will help you to relieve the emotional and mental stress
  3. Never chase loses, unless you know what you are doing, avoid chasing losing bets during in-play. It is the quickest way to kill your bankroll (more about this later)
  4. Accept your loses, because in the game of online betting, it is an inevitable outcome that you will have to face many times
  5. Look at the bigger picture, because you must understand that in order to win money in this space, you need to think long term, by ensuring that your wins exceed your loses, therefore, generating a positive ROI. You won’t become right overnight, but if you manage it properly, you will win some good money. Promise.

Before you start building hyper-complex spreadsheets with gigantic amounts of data, you have to master the basics.

This is the first parade for every new bettor, because it will:

  • Prevent you from losing your money
  • Allow you to see online betting the way it is
  • Set the foundation that will allow you to win money with sports betting.

Now that we have covered the basics, let’s talk about the other crucial tips for your success.

Bankroll Management – The Difference between Professional and Amateur Bettors:

Another remarkable trait that differences bettors who make money and those who lose is bankroll management. Fail at this and your first losing streak will break you apart. I promise.

However, do it and you will be able to withstand most losing streaks and walk your way to big winnings, because again, this is all about the bigger picture, the long term.

First, you need to decide how much money you will assign to your bankroll, which following the basics, must be money you can afford to lose, which will not affect your life in any sense.

Second, you need to decide how much money you will place in every bet. To make things easier for you, follow these guidelines:

  • For conservative growth:1-2% of your bankroll
  • For faster growth: 3-4% of your bankroll
  • For aggressive growth: 5-6% of your bankroll

It all comes down to how much risk you can tolerate. These guidelines will keep you in the safe side, allowing you to manage your loses better, and of course, aim to winning a positive ROI.

You can also use these guidelines to decide how much money to place based on your level of confidence regarding a bet. If you are pretty confidence about the outcome, you can assign 5-6% of your bankroll.

How to Bet and Win on Football

Betting in sports that you know nothing about because someone else told you about it is the quickest way to burn your chances of winning.

That’s where research and analysis chime in, as the most powerful tool to ensure that you win some pretty good bets. These are the good practices that will pave your way to success:

  • Dedicate plenty of time to research and analysis
  • Build a solid plan
  • Place facts over opinions (ALWAYS!)
  • Always consider the context (ex: are the top-tier soccer players of a team going to be present in the match? Are they under pressure to win? Are they in a losing streak?)
  • Watch games, make it a habit
  • Follow good sports blogs, forums, communities and read books and reports.

Submerge yourself into the world of sports betting, and more precisely, in the sport you want to bet the most. Analyze stats (but don’t obsesses over them!), put everything into context, think about your bets patiently and finally place them.

Once you get more experience – and always with research backing them – you can start betting in-play. It is very important to watch events/games, so you can learn to recognize patterns and identify where an opportunity arises.

Only attempt to make in-play bets after a long time betting pre-match/event, because it is very easy to develop the bad habit of chasing losing bets as a beginner.

Keep Records and Analyze Your Bets:

You should also keep a record of your bets, to analyze which ones you are winning and which ones you are losing. It will allow you to identify weak points in your analysis and research, and more often than not, show you where you are betting with your heart instead of your head.

Also, keeping a record of all of your bets will allow exercise more control over you, preventing you from placing too much money in a certain bet because you feel tremendous levels of confidence, or because you are chasing a losing bet and you “feel” it will turn out to become a positive outcome.

Keep a record, watch your bankroll grow and analyze every single detail, so you can make more bets that are successful.

Closing Thoughts:

By simply applying these tips, you will be above the majority of bettors, because you will be managing everything like a professional, the ones who make real money in online sports betting.

If you have any question, just let us know!

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