Best Betting Sites in Nigeria With Highest Odds

Looking for a complete list of the best betting sites in Nigeria with highest odds?

Then look no further.

These days, there is an increased interest in sports betting, primarily because there is a chance for sports enthusiasts to earn extra income from it.

Sports betting is an easy way to make money from sports, but it comes with a lot of high stakes which could make your winning impossible if you don’t understand how they work.

One way to win when betting on sports, besides being really good at predicting outcomes is to find a betting site or bookmaker with high odds that could favor you.

Based on bonuses they offer to bettors, sports tips, security, success rate, and a variety of games to bet on, these are the best betting sites with high odds.

Best Betting Sites With High Odds

There are a lot of betting sites in Nigeria, and each of them has varying high odds, for specific sports.

To help you choose the best betting sites with high odds, we’ve broken each betting site into categories of which site offers which odds in what sports.

List of Football Betting Sites in Nigeria With Highest Odds

These betting sites in Nigeria offer the highest odds on football:

  • Bet9ja
  • Merry bet
  • Nairabet
  • BetKing
  • Betting


Bet9ja is one of the most popular betting sites in Nigeria, and the foremost patron of football betting.

This betting site has the most visited ratio in the country by bettors.


MerryBet may be new to the football betting scene, but they do offer good football odds, so it is advisable to place your next football bet with them.


Nairabet’s reputation for high football odds comes from how accessible their site is. On Nairabet, bettors can either bet on their mobile phones or visit any of the numerous Nairabet outlets across the country which also brings in high betting odds.


Also new to the betting scene is BetKing. BetKing has high football odds, which are higher than that of their competitors.

Betting Sites With High Odds In All Sports:

  • 1XBet
  • SportyBet
  • BetWay
  • Bet Bonanza
  • Betbiga
  • Bigibet
  • ZEbet


1XBet is one betting site that is known to offer exceptionally high and competitive odds.

1XBet also offers the best-guaranteed odds to customers, enabling them to get the best price on every successful bet the place, regardless of the time the bettors made that bet.


SportyBet, promises the best odds you could ever get.

Besides high odds, for dedicated users like you, SportyBet offers incentives like Free streaming, live betting, football bets, low data usage for bets, fast cash collection, big winnings, and a constant payout on your earnings.


Betbiga offers high odds on live sports, and virtual games as well.

Sign up for a world of premium bets, fast cashouts, and numerous user promotions.

Betbiga is safe and offers bonuses like a 100% start bonus and the 130% combo boost bonus, plus bettors can place special bets.


Bigibet doesn’t just offer you  high odds, but as a bettor, you also enjoy accumulator bonus, cashout, loyalty bonus as well as in-play and virtual betting.


ZEbet is the best online betting site to bet on more than 20 sports.

On ZEbet you enjoy the latest high odds before someone else grabs them, live betting and bigger rewards for your patronage. Claim your 100% start bonus.


LionsBet offers customers the best odds guaranteed on bets made on sports like horse racing.

Thanks to the best odds guaranteed by LionsBet, you can receive the best price for every bet you made that is successful, no matter the time you placed the bet.

Betting Sites With The Best Odds

These betting sites offer high odds to bettors regardless of which game you bet on. These are the best betting sites with the best odds.


1XBet has proven itself to be Nigeria’s number 1 betting site which offers the best odds.

1XBet offers its bettors huge betting markets to select from and the freedom to build their own bets with astounding odds.


You’re just one sign up away from enjoying betting odds, on the BetWay betting app.

Get the app and take advantage of their full/partial payout features as well as live betting events with the best odds in the market.


BetBonaza offers high-quality odds which equals a low margin. You can use the  BetBonaza high odds build an enormous acca with Yakata Promo.

Bet easier on odds, with their immersive mobile site.

Betting Sites That Offer Promotion Odds

Promotion odds are offered by Betting sites to bettors in the form of promotions, accumulator odds, or exchange odds.


Simply sign up on BigiBet to take advantage of the amazing promotion odds offered by this bookmaker.

BigiBet offers high odds on all games you can play on the site.

Betting Sites That Offer Accumulator Odds

Accumulator Odds start off small, but slowly build over time.In accumulator bets, a small bet builds up to other small bets and then produces a huge return when fused together.


In addition to offering other bonuses like paying bettors after 2 games cut and a 100% welcome bonus, Oat Bet offers accumulator odds and bonuses to loyal customers.

Betting Sites That Offer Betting Exchange Odds

In betting exchange odds, the bookmakers offer the odds and take a small commission when you win.

If you are a new bettor, the betting exchange odds can seem hard at first, but once you understand how it works you will see that it offers a new odds market with a lot of value.


Naijabet’s betting exchange odds changed the gambling market 20 years ago, and this legacy is still carried on till today. In addition to impeccable betting exchange,  Naijabet also dabbles in services like casino and poker.

Knowing which betting sites offer high odds guarantees that you win against the odds every time you place a bet.